Ramadan Mobarak!

We here at Muslimah Media Watch would like to wish all of our readers a blessed and happy Ramadan!

The last time we wished you Ramadan mobarak was about one year ago, when we were just starting out. It was just me back then, and I was bustin’ my oves to start up the site and begin my master’s thesis.

Now look at us! We’re celebrating a one-year anniversary! We’ve grown into a new site and new media watchers, alhamdolillah!

A special thanks goes to all of the intelligent, dedicated sisters who help me bring you interesting analyses every week. Thank you, ladies, for all that you do. MMW would not be what it is without you.

And another thanks to our readers, linkers, and lurkers. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, just helped us along the way, or are brand-spanking-new readers, we appreciate you. Thank you for your great, challenging, supportive, and helpful comments, ideas, and tips.

We still have a lot to cover before we finish taking over the world. ;) So I invite you all to join us and see where we end up the next time Ramadan rolls around!

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Friday Links | December 19, 2014
  • INAL

    Ramadhan Kareem! May Allah increase your iman and give you continue strength to follow in the Path and fortitude and knowledge to continue your work.

    A month filled with the Graceof Allah, I pray for you all.


  • http://www.progressiveislam.info Salaam

    Ramadan Mubarak Fatemeh et al at Muslimah Media Watch :-)

  • http://pile-it-higher.blogspot.com Freckles

    I am just LOL’ing at “busting my oves.” I will have to use that term!

    Ramadan Mubarak to everyone!

  • http://hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii halima