Friday Links — September 5, 2008

  • Women abandoned by their husbands in Bahrain staged two sit-ins to highlight the legal challenges they face in dissolving their marriages.
  • Al-Ahram looks at a recent fatwa that allows those with mental handicaps to marry.
  • Achelois highlights the beyond-horrific treatment that some domestic maids receive in Saudi Arabia. May Allah grant them justice. Arab News gives details on the latest case.
  • Bahman Motamedian’s film Khastegi, which aired at the Venice Film Festival this week, focuses on transsexuals and the difficulties of their lives in Ahmedinejad’s Iran.
  • A study of Afghan child mortality rates links children’s deaths to war, uneducated mothers, and mothers’ lack of power in healthcare for their children.
  • Global Voices looks at the voices of Saudi women who are tired of being portrayed as helpless and backward.
  • As a result of the outcry that followed the denial of a woman who wear niqab to enter an Italian museum, Italian museums have introduced a “veil room” where women who wear face veils can identify themselves.
  • A Norwegian convert sends mixed messages if women should cover to “avoid rape.”
  • On Afghanistan’s popular Dream and Achieve reality show, which encourages small Afghan business owners, two women make it into the top five, and one wins second place.
  • Indian Muslims profiles Mahjabeen Sarwar, who runs an NGO that creates awareness in poorer areas of government aid programs.
  • I don’t know how I missed these, but here are two really great articles from Noorjehan Barmania on Comment is free.
  • The Pakistani Jamaat-e-Islami has announced that September 4 is World Hijab Day.
  • Sweden’s ombudsman for ethnic discrimination is suing a firm over the firing of a Muslim woman for not dressing appropriately on the job.
  • Muslim girls in Manipur, India, form a group to combat society’s resistance to higher education for girls and demand government reservation for Muslim women.
  • The Urban Muslim Women profiles Sis Zabrina, an inspirational storyteller.
  • In Nigeria, HIV-positive men and women are being paired up for marriage in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease. What. the. %&@#?!
  • I’m late on this, but Saudi Jeans profiles Aramco’s Iron Lady, Nabilah al-Tunisi.
  • More honor killings in Pakistan. May Allah guide us, and give these women justice.
  • A Muslim lawyer who was suspended from work after she was accused of “incited racial violence, associated herself with bin Laden, and making anti-American statements” has been reinstated to her job and given a settlement. Via TalkIslam.
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