Friday Links — December 12, 2008

  • At a get-together in Riyadh organized by the Hidayah Women’s Foundation, the head of HWF stated that “unearthing the skills and talents of the Muslim women and empowering them in the mainstream within the framework of Islamic principles, is the need of the hour.”
  • Malaysian women propose the creation of a bureau in the Malaysian government that will look after Muslim women’s welfare. More here.
  • The U.K. government sponsors an initiative that threatens those responsible for forced marriage with prison time.
  • French Elle chose Syria’s Asma al-Assad as the most stylish lady in international politics.
Thanks to Natasha for sending us this. You can find the contact info for the project at the webstite in the poster.

Thanks to Natasha for sending us this. You can find the contact info for the project at the webstite in the poster.

  • Indonesian domestic workers face abuse in other parts of Asia, too.
  • More on Saudi Arabia’s Rahma campaign, which highlights abuse of foreign workers.
  • The Independent reviews The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie, which Yusra covered Wednesday. Via DeenPort.
  • In Nigeria, the Muslim Women Peace Forum group worries over the fate of women and children during the last crisis in Jos.
  • Speaking of collections, Muslim American designer Nzinga Knight will be having a cool presentation Thursday, December 18th. If you’re in the Brooklyn, New York area, hit her up! Information here.

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  • Regolo

    A very precious source of informations. Thanks. You always do a very good job on this site, keep it up.

  • Sarah

    I am amazed by not only how much information and links you gather on this site, but also by the variety of stories, subjects, and views you post. This is such a phenomenal resource. I am in love with your site and continue to spend so many hours on it! :)

  • upset-hijabi

    sisters i have a complaint to make.
    you always show links to the same few hijab blogs. why not showcase the other hijab fashion blogs?
    it just seems like favoritism.

  • s.c.

    i agree with the above, such a timely and eye opening site. shabash!

  • Fatemeh

    @ upset-hijabi: No favoritism here; these are the ones I have in my Google Reader because they frequently profile fashion news. As much as I like blogs that put together cute outfits, we can’t feature those as news. If you know of some others that have fashion news, please feel free to email them to me! :)

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  • Ali

    As-salamu alaikum.

    Just to correct you a bit: “Miss Muslim 2008″ was announced as a “SPIRITUAL beauty contest”, and all the judges were Muslim women, so physical beauty was not evaluated. You can download video from the event here: (20,6 MB, in Russian).

  • Fatemeh

    Thanks Regolo & Sarah for the kind words! :D

  • Fatemeh

    Waleykum salam. Thanks for the information, Ali; this sounds interesting.