Friday Links — December 26, 2008

  • Aaminah Hernàndez writes two great posts about how women are defined according to men.
  • Eight women and their children have been taken hostage in Pakistan. May Allah protect them.
  • Wired magazine says that marriage between cousins is acceptable from a scientific viewpoint. Something Muslims have known all along! (wink)
  • A Malaysian politican says that those who are HIV positive should not marry in order to prevent “sick children.”
  • In Saudi Arabia, a group of women have opened a restaurant that they own and manage entirely by themselves.
  • Thousands of women belonging to Indonesia’s conservative Hizb ut-Tahrir group have staged a protest during which they called for Indonesia to become an Islamic state.
  • A Russian officer who was convicted of killing a Chechen woman during an interrogation is to be freed.
  • British model Sahar Daftary died after falling from a 12th story apartment. Coverage from the Telegraph and the Daily Mail Online. Oh, and a post is definitely forthcoming.
  • Sabria Jawhar writes a great take-down of the NYT’s piece on Emirati airline stewardesses.

Friday Links
Friday Links
Friday Links
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