Friday Links — January 23, 2009

  • Hijabtrendz interviews Brooke Samad, the designer behind Maraboo fashions.
  • Two sisters’ death sentences have been withdrawn: they will be freed from prison, alhamdulillah.
  • Two teenage sisters go to the police after their father and uncle attempt to marry them to men they don’t want.
  • MR Zine interviews Islah Jad, a professor at Bir Zeit University in the West Bank.
  • A young girl travels halfway across the world on an interesting journey. Romantic? Impetuous? Downright stupid? You decide.
  • A Turkish court comes down hard on family members who assisted in the honor killing of a young girl. Uh, ’bout time.
  • A Bahraini woman with no means of support has allegedly been refused help by the Labour and Housing ministries.
  • I discuss why a Portugese cardinal’s statements warnings against marrying Muslim men are offensive to both Muslim men and women.
  • Iranian women’s rights activists Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jelveh Javaheri have been summoned to court.

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  • Aaminah Hernandez

    Ah… a small point on the “controversy” of The Jewel of Medina. I just recently finished reading it and will be writing a review for Feminist Review, as well as a longer critique for my own Book Lover’s Paradise blog.

    The book really was as bad, frankly even WORSE, than I and everyone expected. It disrespected more than just A’ishah too… it was very unfavorable towards all the early Muslims.

    Further, this argument that Jones’ keeps making that her intentions are good, to empower Muslim women, to show Islam in a good light… if you read the book you realize that she is flat out lying. There is nothing about the book that is even accurate, much less flattering to Islam in any way. She doesn’t even have the decency to capitalize the word “Islam”, and frankly that says a lot to me, because I have never read a book where any other religion or sect of a religion (Mormon, Quaker, for examples) was not capitalized; it shows a lack of respect and minimizing of it to do this.

    The reason the “uproar” died down is very simple: Muslims saw through the story and decided not to waste their money on the book. Yes, as the author of the article you link said, it is not as readily available for mass consumption as a cartoon, or even a movie for which you see commercials and previews everywhere. People would have to go out of their way to get a copy of the book, and Muslims are smart enough to not bother.

    The letter I received from the publisher with my review copy stated something about how the only reason people are criticizing it is because they are assuming the wrong things and haven’t had a chance to read it. Well, I read it. All the criticism is correct, and light-handed even. The book is much much worse than we expected, and it’s crappy writing on top of it.

  • Rochelle

    In response to Fatemeh’s article about the Cardinal’s statement on intermarriage…

    I, too, find this statement very offensive. But I just found it a little odd that you brought this up considering that most standard interpretations of shari’a prohibit the marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man, and for reasons that I also find very offensive (maybe because I’m a product of such a marriage…)

    The cardinal’s words should be condemned, but are you willing to condemn such Muslim prohibitions as well?

    And please don’t say that it was just how the Cardinal justified such concerns that was offensive. The way most Muslim scholars explain why a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman but not vice versa is also quite sexist.

  • Fatemeh

    @ Rochelle: On this prohibition of Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men: I agree that it’s bunk. Those who are religious will be faithful to God no matter who they’re married to, and I think that intermarriage could serve as a type of dawah. But I don’t want to get into a religious discussion here: in my post, I was responding the Cardinal’s statements, which specifically warned non-Muslim women against marrying Muslim men. That’s why I didn’t bring up the issue of Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men.

    @ Aaminah: How did I miss your review? I’ll have to add it to next week’s links.

  • Aaminah Hernandez

    Fatemeh, it isn’t up yet. You haven’t missed it. :) Actually, it isn’t even completely written (though it’s complete in my head) because it is supposed to be a comparison between Jewel and Kamran Pasha’s Mother of the Believers, which I haven’t yet received. I’ll make sure to let you know when it’s up. :)

  • Aynur

    About the “A young girl travels halfway across the world on an interesting journey. Romantic? Impetuous? Downright stupid? You decide.” article …
    I hope the best for them, my hubby is Turkish/Kurdish mixed, and I’m American so when I see a couple like us who got married young (although I was 19 not 15 like she was) it’s really sweet … and it’s almost 10 years later and we’re still married, alhamdullilah.

  • Fatemeh

    @ Aaminah: Phew. Thanks! ;)

    Dati is stepping down?! I know she hasn’t confirmed it yet, but dayum!

  • coolred38

    Are we ever going to see a Friday list that doesnt include some form of abuse or out right murder of girls or women in the Muslim world…sigh?

    My heart just gets heavier and heavier as I go down the list expecting to see just such an article…and so far Im never “disappointed”.