Friday Links — January 30, 2009

  • Canada extends a welcome mat to Masoda Younasy, granddaughter of Afghanistan’s last king.
  • Dubai’s only women’s shelter has started a campaign against domestic violence, using a makeup case.
  • The Yemen Times asks if women marginalized by political parties will form their own. That. Sounds. AWESOME.
  • Reem Acra designs the gown that the wife of the Vice President of the U.S. wore.
  • The Dubai Women’s Establishment and the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research agree to share notes.
  • Religious discrimination in the American workplace is being met increasingly with filing complaints.
  • Saudi wives wish their husbands just call to say “I love you.”
  • An Emirati graduate who was offered a trip to Australia as part of an academic award turned it down to prove to her employers that she was committed to her new job.
  • The University of Toronto holds a forum to help dispel steroetypes about Muslim women.
  • The Guardian speaks with the author of a book that discusses how Iraqi women’s rights have been set back.
  • The Qatari cabinet approves a final draft of a bill for the elimination of all forms of discrimination agaisnt women.
  • A Canadian play about the life of an upper-class Iranian woman opens in Tehran.
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