Friday Links — February 13, 2009

  • In an attempt to attract more women to use public transportation, Dubai will soon launch pink buses for women. Seriously.
  • The Iranian Women’s Tennis team wins battles large and small in the Australian women’s cup. Of course, the newspaper still had to use the eyerollingly-overplayed phrase, “lifing the veil”. Scoff!
  • Negative attitudes toward women’s participation in sports are rapidly changing in Qatar.
  • Iran’s civil rights movement isn’t about race. According to Vermont Public Radio, it’s about gender.
  • A prominent Kuwaiti women’s group has attacked a draft law to protect women’s rights as “not going far enough.”
  • Al-Nisah, a new online Islamic clothing store based in the U.K., has just opened.
  • Electronic blackmail using images of women from their cell phones or online accounts is increasing in Saudi Arabia.
  • The Telegraph reviews Shades, a British play that feels like a “Muslim Bridget Jones’ Diary.”
  • Two stories on a recent Saudi campaign against high dowries.
  • While this Daily Mail article is disgustingly biased, the story itself is disgusting enough. May Allah protect this woman and give her justice.
  • The South Asian Times interviewed Dilara Hafiz and her family. You can download the issue here or just expand the pic below:


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