Announcing the Arrival of altmuslimah and Muslim Lookout

Salam waleykum, readers! I have lots of announcements!

altmuslimah, a kind of “sister” site to altmuslim, launched today. It’s a wonderful site that discusses gender and Islam in an intelligent, thoughtful way, and it’s put forth by many of the same people who are behind altmuslim, with one notable addition: me! I’m serving as associate editor to the site. I’ve also written a piece for the website’s launch. It’s a review of the movie AmericanEast. Be sure to check altmuslimah out!

Also, Sobia & Krista have joined forces to create Muslim Lookout, a website dedicated to “analysing representations of Muslims in mainstream Canadian media.” The site is still in development, but it will become a valuable resource for fighting Islamophobia in Canada, enshallah. We wish Krista and Sobia the best in this endeavor, and are pleased that they’ll continue to be part of the MMW family.

This doesn’t mean any changes for MMW, so don’t worry. We’ll still be operating as normal, and some of our posts might pop up over at altmuslimah and Muslim Lookout. But we’ll still be bringing you dedicated media analysis and news coverage five days a week!

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  • s.c.

    wohoo! congrats and best wishes to all :)

  • SakuraPassion

    Congrats. I read your piece on altmuslimah, it was great, and well written.

  • Melinda

    Very cool! But I hope that Sobia and Krista’s new blog won’t take away from Canadian coverage on this site!

  • Sobia

    No worries Melinda. If its relevant it’ll still be posted here too :)