Friday Links — June 12, 2009

  • My eyes can’t roll themselves hard enough. Instead of focusing on this young woman’s accomplishments, The Mirror launches into a voyeuristic and Orientalist focus on her father and his wives.
  • Female artists from Saudi Arabia and Italy will launch a joint exhibit in Rome.
  • A European court found Turkey’s court system breached human rights by failing to protect a woman and her mother from her husband.
  • Shirin Ebadi has written President Ahmedinejad to demand a removal of the lock on the Human Rights Defense Center.

  • Rochelle

    The slander on Dr. Rahnavard was absolutely horrific. I watched the debates while in Iran and no one could believe it. I hope she sues the hell of out that liar.

  • Dude

    My eyes can’t roll themselves hard enough.

    Recent reports indicate that The Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Mail are bad for one’s eyesight.

  • Fatemeh

    @Dude: HA!

  • forsoothsayer

    i went to see marwa adel’s art and it sucked. images of silence, my ass. it was very trite AND visually unappealing.