Friday Links — July 24, 2009

  • A woman has been charged with blackmailing a Muslim friend. Some friend!
  • The Nut Graph interviews Susan Carland about healthy difference in Islam.

  • Komal

    I’m getting tired of Asra Nomani constantly exploiting her personal life for attention. Also, which tradition is she talking about in the first paragraph? I didn’t get to dress up as a bride as 4 – its a Hyderabadi tradition not an Islamic one.
    Love all the links about helping victims of domestic violence/empty-shell marriages. Thanks for the great link-up.

  • Dude

    Wajeha Al-Huweider discusses Saudi Arabia’s gender system

    Link invalid.

  • Eskandar

    Also from today: Veiled Muslim woman refused on bus in Australia.

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  • luckyfatima

    Do you think the article about pre-execution prison rapes from the Jerusalem Post is real? It struck me as propaganda but some might say I am biased, but then even commenters of varying backgrounds after the article itself were doubting the authenticity of the story.