Friday Links — August, 14, 2009

  • Egypt has made its first arrest against female genital cutting.
  • Turkish and Moroccan girls in the Netherlands often do not seek help when they have been raped or assaulted.
  • Meanwhile, in Mali, a newly-adopted family code in Mali that changes marriage laws and expands girls’ rights is eliciting vows to block the law from Muslim leaders.
  • Iran denies claims that male and female detainees have been raped and tortured in prison.

  • Sara

    Salaam girls!
    Maybe this is not worthy of being covered on this site (it’s not in the mainstream media, but a rather Islamophobe site), but MMW was the first thing I thought when reading this most absurd piece on niqab that I have read yet. I was actually laughing out by the time I got to the end, but you can find multiple flaws in most sentences.
    “A visible certificate attached to a burqa would suffice. This certificate would need to be dated and renewed once a year at a special office of the state. The certificate would be issued once the interviewer is satisfied that the woman is a free agent and willingly wears a burqa in weather that is normally too hot to wear such apparel.”

    Keep up the good work

  • SakuraPassion

    Sexual Harassment in the Arab World:

    I found those articles to be interesting. As a feminist, I do believe that sexual harrassment is mainly about power. But in the case of Egypt and how there’s an issue of pent up sexual frustration, perhaps that is the case. I just wonder, why is there sexual frustration? Is it because Egypt is sexual repressed? If this is the case, then yes I would agree, because when there is sexual some kind of sexual repression going on, it can come out in the most ugly ways. I could be wrong about this.