Friday Links — September 18, 2009

    • The National Post reviews Marnia Lazreg’s book Questioning the Veil: Open Letters to Muslim Women.
    • Police have found no evidence that Rifqa Bary has been threatened with death over her conversion to Christianity.
    • The wife of imam Nordine Taouil from Antwerp has been fired from her job as child care provider because of statements made by her husband.

    • Rochelle

      More about the Aceh Province law — It doesn’t just “affect women” — it’s absolutely detrimental to their human rights. The law will make adultery punishable by stoning! (Among other disgusting things.)

      See more here:

    • naomi

      To Safiyyah:
      I really liked your message about women attending the Eid prayer.
      I took the Shahada a week before Eid and the first time I prayed in the Masjid was yesterday for the Eid prayer. It was in Derby, England. A lot of women were turned up and were there for a purpose. It was so beautiful, I felt such peace like I had never experienced before. I can honestly say that as long as I am physically able, I don’t ever want to miss the Eid prayer at any stage throughout my life.

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