Friday Links — October 16, 2009

  • Clerics in Indonesia’s conservative Muslim province of Aceh are pissed that an Acehnese woman who doesn’t wear a headscarf has won the title of Miss Indonesia. Via ProgressiveIslam.
  • Sheikha Rima Al-Sabahwas named as the only Arab of the 100 most distinctive women in Washington in the field of advocacy and nonprofit work.
  • Kuwaiti female lawmaker Rula Dashti on Sunday submitted an amendment to the state electoral law that aims to scrap a requirement that women must comply with Islamic Sharia law guidelines. More from Ms. Magazine.
  • The appointment of an employee who does not shake hands with man due to her beliefs is causing resentment among some teachers in the School for Journalism in Utrecht.
  • In silent public protest, known locally in Tehran as the “Mothers of Laleh,” humanitarian activist mothers stand together each week on Saturday evening vigils.

Also, don’t forget! The sixth annual Brass Crescent Awards nominations are open–get your voice in there today!

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