Friday Links — October 16, 2009

  • Clerics in Indonesia’s conservative Muslim province of Aceh are pissed that an Acehnese woman who doesn’t wear a headscarf has won the title of Miss Indonesia. Via ProgressiveIslam.
  • Sheikha Rima Al-Sabahwas named as the only Arab of the 100 most distinctive women in Washington in the field of advocacy and nonprofit work.
  • Kuwaiti female lawmaker Rula Dashti on Sunday submitted an amendment to the state electoral law that aims to scrap a requirement that women must comply with Islamic Sharia law guidelines. More from Ms. Magazine.
  • The appointment of an employee who does not shake hands with man due to her beliefs is causing resentment among some teachers in the School for Journalism in Utrecht.
  • In silent public protest, known locally in Tehran as the “Mothers of Laleh,” humanitarian activist mothers stand together each week on Saturday evening vigils.

Also, don’t forget! The sixth annual Brass Crescent Awards nominations are open–get your voice in there today!

  • m az

    hello fatemeh thanks about your wonderfull site.about german turkish author ,it is very amazing any muslimwoman who have a child out of wedlock, think she is freest person in the world and other poor oppressed woman who wear headscarf should learn from her!!!!when i read this ideas i become sad and how these women think they are advocates of muslim women? i am intrested know how you feel fatemeh ? thanks.

  • tom hulley

    When ‘westerners’ start making laws banning women from dressing in certain ways, are they not behaving exactly as the ‘repressive’ countries they say are undemocratic?

    Jack Straw, UK home secretary, said that he needed to see a constituent’s eyes (as his reason for harassing Muslim women). One of Straw’s predecessor’s as home secretary was blind! Is Straw implying that blind people should be banned from public life too?

    I am male, white, middle-aged, typically english etc and may feel uncomfortable with face covering and body covering etc -that is my problem. I find it wholly unacceptable to tell others how to dress especially when I do not really understand their choices.

    ‘Western’ authorities are showing themselves more hypocritical than ever

  • Anne

    Out of curiosity I googled Diam after reading the article. I can see where the French are freaked out. I am sorry but why must so many Western woman who convert to Islam go from basic Western clothes to the all black abaya/hijab overnight! Walking alongside her very Westernly dressed spouse mind you. It is her choice! I can here the screams now, but has anyone ever thought of encouraging gradualism. Why must her coming out Muslim be like that. I hope he is good to her and she stays in Islam. I always worry about sisters who take on too much at once – as far as giving things up or taking on ‘extreme’ forms of dress (not extreme in the sense you may read it – merely on a continuum of appropriate ways to cover).