Friday Links — October 2, 2009

  • Three brothers in Jordan have been charged with murder after killing their older sister. May Allah give her peace and justice.
  • Islam in Europe reports that politicans are supporting a proposal that cuts of welfare benefits for women who will not remove burqas.
  • Britain’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed that a box of leaflets dropped from a British plane killed a girl in Afghanistan. May Allah give her peace. Via KABOBfest.
  • Reuters gives a summary of who said what about the French Burqa ban.
  • More on the woman who was expelled from a Spanish court room for wearing a burqa.
  • Three women in Lahore, Pakistan were subjected to torture by men who assumed they were running a brothel. May Allah give them peace and justice.
  • Female refugees from Darfur face systematic rape from all sides in camps where they are supposed to be safe.

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  • Sobia

    “Three women in Lahore, India were subjected to torture by men who assumed they were running a brothel. May Allah give them peace and justice.”

    *Gasp* Lahore is in Pakistan my friend :P

    This just demonstrates to me how men think they have a God given right to control women’s bodies. And yes, I do believe they literally believe they have a God given right to control women’s bodies. They use this “right” to then get their sexual thrills by parading women naked in the streets. This seems to happens way to often in Pakistan. I feel like I hear about these types of incidences a lot. I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with what society is teaching these men. Mind you, when the country has a president who’s a perverted sleezeball douchebag I’m not sure what can be done to change the discourse surrounding womens’ bodies in that country.

  • Fatemeh

    @ Sobia: *facepalm* The worst part is, I KNOW Lahore is in Pakistan! Fixed! Thanks for your sharp eye. :)

  • Nadia

    Naomi Wolf calling Jordan a progressive monarchy is pretty depressing. You think that someone who just put out a book about countries turning fascist would recognize a repressive dictatorship.

  • Lex, Agent of Chaos

    Oh, thank you for the link to the story on the woman talking about wearing the abaya in America! I finally “outed” myself and wrote about this subject as well, as an American who wears the headscarf. The experiences in public are most interesting and I will write more about this soon.

    The kicker? I’m Christian, a Roman Catholic! I have no plans to convert/revert to Islam, I just loves so many aspects of Islam and the many Muslim cultures which make up the Muslim community where I live and where I just moved from.

    And NO, I do not feel oppressed, for pete’s sake! Nor in full hijab (though I do not own an abaya or burqa) do I feel oppressed! I feel free of gazes scrutinizing my figure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much a non-Muslim American, so sometimes I do feel like “working it” in terms of dress, but as I age I’d rather be covered in beautiful fabrics that free ME from scrutiny.

    I love this subject, cannot stand the prevailing attitude amongst women in the West (especially ‘feminists’!!) that hijab is sexist or degrading, especially as I see women with stricken looks on their faces at the neighborhood pool having to disrobe shortly after having a baby and quickly submerging so that no one can see their bodies! If Westerners really care about women having choices of their own, they must stop maligning hijab! OK, rant off and all.

  • SakuraPassion

    Beauty parlors catering to little girls:

    I hope I’m not the only one who is kind of freaked out by something like this.

    “It’s a matter of maintaining their cleanliness. It’s hygiene. It’s feeling good about yourself.”

    Riiiiiiiiiiight. I’m all for being clean and having good hygiene, but to me this looks like another one of those attempts to turn women into consumers by targeting them when they’re still young.