Friday Links — January 22, 2010

Salam alaikum, readers! I’ve got quite a lot on my plate this week, so I’m afraid I’m going to have to do a slap-dash job of the Links this week. Apologies!

As always, if you see new stories about Muslim women we missed, feel free to post them in the comments!

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Review – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s Refusing the Veil
  • tom hulley

    Isn’t western men’s ridiculous sense of modesty unreasonable? They should be banned from wearing trousers in public.

    Leave them home to do the housework. There are many women dressed in many different ways capable of running a country.

  • Durkadurkistan

    Salaam, Fatemeh.

    The “Hairdos now in Indonesia Muslim clerics crosshairs” story from Reuters was also covered by the Telegraph (and then Huffington Post), with some major problems.

    I just wrote about them:

    “Making it all up as we go along: The Huffington Post, the Telegraph, and Indonesian fatwas”

    The way this story was covered epitomizes many of the mainstream media’s dubious practices regarding Muslims and Muslim women.

    Hope you’ll take a look; I think you might enjoy it.

    Peace :)