Friday Links — July 9, 2010

If there’s any news we missed this week about Muslim women, feel free to post links in the comments!

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  • Adnan

    With regards to the 3rd link, there is an excellent reply at:

  • Rochelle

    Woman in Iran to be stoned to death:

    • Fatemeh

      @ Rochelle: Thank you!! I can’t believe I forgot this–I Twittered this like crazy, but it completely slipped my mind for Friday links. :S

      On this note, the Iranian government has just ordered a media blackout on Sakineh’s case.

  • mariam from iran

    Fatemeh jan khaste nabashid .
    the article in Nytimes about Burqa ban is interesting:
    and about Sakineh case , she has murdured her husband , I dont know why in all stuff I read in media about her dont mention this issue.

  • Rochelle

    @mariam: wow. don’t even know where to begin:

    If you read the link, you would know that she did not receive a fair trial, and thus we have no way of knowing if she ‘murdered’ her husband. In Iranian law, one is innocent until proven guilty.

    Furthermore, she was never actually charged with murdering her husband, but for adultery with the man who was charged with murder. This is why she was sentenced to stoning — for adultery, not murder.

    Lastly, let’s assume she DID murder her husband, AND was found guilty, AND — in some made up universe — stoning is the punishment for murder. This makes it okay!?!?

  • mariam from iran

    dear Rochelle I never said stoning is ok, all we know is that there has been a murder,she is charged for murdery and adultery and will be executed not stoning, all stories about stoning is in western media , I am sure if Iranian goverment want to stone someone they have no fear to announce it publicly (level of their Stupidity is high!!!!) my big problem is jurnalism in west , I dont expect a good jurnalism in Iran but I expect news about one issue cover all sides of story but I dont see the end of day women are not important , they are just tools for persuming political interests. I wonder why there is not such noise about indian women who are stone to death or honor killed every can search and see all of stuff about honor killing is about muslim countries, it seems in eye of western media news about indian women are not sexy enough to talk abou it( despite the fact that indian goverment is a democratic one and has punishments for this issue). this article is interesting:
    sorry if I have gramer errors. thank you

  • Henna

    Hi Mariam, the points you have raised are valid. Is Western media too occupied with Islam and Muslims.

    I guess it is all about majority, Hindu population is estimated at 13% of total world population, Muslim at 21% and Christians I guess 33%. So I guess it is more Muslim people that western media sees that makes them too occupied with Islam.