Friday Links — August 13, 2010

  • An Egyptian woman has gone public with a rare television interview alleging that police raped her after she stopped to ask for directions in a rural part of the country. May Allah give her justice.

    If there’s any news about Muslim women from this week that we missed, feel free to post links in the comments!

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    Death, Grief and Womanhood
    • Yusuf Smith

      As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

      The “televised confession” is a standard tactic of despotic regimes – one remembers the affair of the British men the Saudis tried to frame for terrorism (claiming it was rival alcohol cartels rather than OBL-influenced dissidents) and they put one guy up with a confession that had been written for him. The guy deliberately over-emphasised the grammatical errors, e.g. “he is a British nationality” so British viewers could tell it wasn’t written by him.

    • mummyjaan

      Regarding the first link, do we actually need a study to advise pregnant women not to fast in Ramadhan?

      Pregnant women come up pretty high in the list of “Those exempted from fasting”, and I would have thought most Muslims knew this.

      As regards the study itself, there have been studies done in the past which have not come to a similar conclusion.

      Additionally, one irritating thing about most news sites is that they mention studies but don’t quote when the ‘study’ was done and what paper it was published in. I was interested in reading the study myself to get more details, but disappointingly, the article carried no link to the original article nor did it cite the authors or publication. Any ideas on tracing it down?

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