Arab Women: They’re in Niqabs, Gettin’ in Ur Democracy

The Atlantic featured this picture on its latest magazine, which includes an article about the Arab Spring and the future of democracy in the region.

The article does talk briefly about women’s rights in the region, but it seems hardly fitting that there should be a woman wearing niqab on the cover with the fearmongering caption, “Is this the face of Arab democracy? Why the new Middle East is more hopeful–and more hazardous.” DUN DUN DUUUUUUN.

Atlantic Niqab

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  • Preeti

    After reading this article it reminds me about a documentary “Muslim Women: The Bill & Us” which explores the politics behind the reservation of Muslim women in politics. Political leaders nearly all men are having some different point of view over women right. That’s why there is huge opposition for the women reservation bill. Some Muslim men believe that if women are attending Parliament they should attend in Purdah but women are against of this specially Dalit and backward caste women.

    To watch please visit –

  • Heather

    I’ve been voting in niqab, in the U.S., for five or six years now, with never a problem (though it confuses poll workers like mad). Just wait ‘The Atlantic’ finds out that it’s not just Arab niqabis gettin’ in ur democracy! (Thank you for the belly laugh!)

  • clare

    Thank you! This made me crazy…so cliche and not particularly relevant.

  • Donna

    I have noticed on commented several times on several articles about the reveloution in Syria to which they have used pictures of women in Niqab as the lead photo. I have notice this in several publications/websites, including Al Jazeera, who should know better. The reason I found it odd is because I have traveled and resided extensively in Syria and women in niqab are definitely not the norm. You may find one here or there, or women from the gulf spending their summers in Syria, but in general Syrian women are more likely to be found in white scarves, younger girls in fashionable colors or no hijab at all.