Friday Links | May 13, 2011

If you see any news about Muslim women from this week that we’ve missed, feel free to leave links in the comments!

  • Abeer

    Rural, Poor Women and Children in Middle East Lagging Behind in Access to Basic Healthcare – “Officials said the woman, who identified herself as Abeer Fakhri, 25, was a Coptic Christian who had left her Christian husband for a Muslim man and sought to convert to Islam. When the Muslim man and about 20 other men arrived at the church where he believed she was being held, sectarian street battles erupted.” Abeer Fakhri is popping up on other sites as well.
    Thank you for the wonderful links!

  • Humayra

    The article you linked to under “divorce in Malaysia” was beyond ridiculous. Perhaps you could have entitled the link something along the lines of “an example of the use of anti-western polemic as a tactic to avoid a serious discussion of divorce in a Muslim society, authored by a Malay Muslim woman”? Oh, and “With a dash of homophobia for good measure”?

    How about MMW does a serious review of Kecia Ali’s very readable book, _Sexual ethics and Islam: feminist reflections on Qur’an, Hadith and jurisprudence_? That would have the advantage of helping move the discussion of topics like divorce beyond polemics to serious discussion.