Friday Links | June 3, 2011

If there’s any news about Muslim women from this week, feel free to leave links in the comments!

  • Anony
  • Tom

    I’m just curious, how is the article “hillariously bad” regarding oppressed Muslim women? Did you even read it? The entire article simply lists facts about how women’s rights are limited in Saudi Arabia?

    It’s amazing how western muslims like you can pretend to speak for muslim women in other countries when you don’t have to face the hardships that they do.

    • Fatemeh

      @ Tom: The article implies that Muslim women are “oppressed and happy.” Do I need to spell out for you why that’s stupid? Okay. The “Muslim women are oppressed” stereotype is older than you or I. It’s reductive and ignores the agency Muslim women all over the world practice, no matter their situation.

      Either you get it or you don’t. Right now, you definitely don’t. Read our mission statement. Figure out what we’re about. Read some of our media analysis articles (we have contributors from all over the world, including predominantly Muslim countries–nobody’s speaking for anyone else). Maybe also take a look at Derailing for Dummies.

      If you have constructive criticism, offer it. If you don’t, nobody’s keepin’ you here.

  • Krista

    @ Tom: Just to clarify, not all MMW contributors are “western” Muslims. Those of us who are speak from our own positions as western Muslims, not “for” Muslim women anywhere else.

  • Tom

    You didn’t offer a serious response to my question. The only serious objection you can make about the article is that it’s titled “Muslim Women…” as opposed to what it should be titled, “Saudi women”. The article goes on to list how Saudi women are persecuted, whipped, lashed, imprisoned and denied their basic freedoms.

    The argument that “Muslim women are oppressed is a stereotype” isn’t a serious rebuttal to the fact that, yes, Muslim women in Saudi Arabia ARE OPPRESSED. And my pointing that out isn’t a derailment of the thread since you posted a link to the article and obviously wanted to stir a discussion about it.

    Now if you’d like to explain to me how Saudi women aren’t oppressed by the numerous and insane restrictions to their rights, I’ll certainly listen. But we both know you can’t do that. All that you can do is hide behind the tired old “Muslim women aren’t oppressed!” line. Are all Muslim women oppressed? No.

    Are Saudis? Yes.