Friday Links | July 15, 2011

If you see news we’ve missed this week about Muslim women, feel free to leave links in the comments!

  • Tom

    You’ve still yet to present an explanation for why women wearing burqas shouldn’t be forced to remove them temporarily so the police can check. If a muslim woman commits a crime and is wanted by the police how are they going to check when she’s wearing a burqa? If you can’t defend your opposition, quit complaining. You’re an utterly ridiculous human being.

  • Krista

    @ Tom: Where exactly did anyone say that people wearing a burqa should never ever have to show their faces?

  • muslimerican

    Tom: “You’re an utterly ridiculous human being.”


  • SakuraPassion


    You gotta stop speaking gibberish, I know you think you sound intelligent, but you really don’t.

  • Sara

    Oh Tom,

    I’ll give you what you want— please get on your white horse and save all of us MMW writers. We’re itching to be saved from our burqas. ‘

    PS- Art of trolling? You fail at it.