Friday Links | August 26, 2011

If we’ve missed news about Muslim women from this week, feel free to leave links in the comments!

  • Deema

    There’s an article in the September’s issue of Vogue about Muslim women leading the revolution in Lybia.

  • Tom

    Once again, you make no serious argument against the proposed law in Australia. If a woman commits a crime and tries to flee, all she has to do is wear a veil, since you don’t think the police should have the ability to ask women to remove their veils. Ok. That’s insane.

    • Fatemeh

      Tom, it’s seems you’re new here. The Friday Links is just a roundup of news about Muslim women from around the globe. We’re not analyzing it, just linking it up to give readers a snapshot view of how the news media has discussed Muslim women in the past week.

  • click here


    I’m a bit late on this (by some months!), but have just found your link to our article on Gaelick – many thanks!

    (Also, I’m taking a note of that “Awesome”. My ego is suitably boosted!)

    : )