Friday Links November 4th

Saudi activist Suhaila Zein al-Abidin objects to the segregation of men and women in the Shura Council, questioning why ‘mixing’ is accepted in other settings but not in matters related to the Shura council.

Arab News answers the question why Saudi men prefer to perform hajj alone: not only are women an additional cost, they are a burden too….

Girls and young women in Somalia earn additional income by making sanitary pads, and because of the pads, they do not have to miss a day at school if they have their period. It changed the life of Fartun Abdi Hashi.

A Moroccan Rights Group claims that female  harassment is becoming a real problem in Morocco.

Two Indonesian women talk about their careers as female cab drivers in Jakarta.

Aminah Farah Ali, the Somali woman convicted with aiding a terrorist group and who insists to wear a hijab in jail, has been moved to another location, and claims to have been mistreated.

Buthaina Kamel is the first Egyptian woman to run for president.

The sex education book of the Obedient Wives Club has been banned in Malaysia, because it would be against Islamic teachings (!?).

Sudan Tribune wonders where the activist Sudanese women are

Elections in Tunisia: Women activists accuse the winning party of not keeping their promises. The female figurehead though claims that the party’s victory is ‘good for women’.

Nahed Taher, the founder of Desert Rose bank, shares her view on working in Saudi Arabia as a woman and the high unemployment rate among Saudi women.

Three women wearing niqab were not granted access to a Swedish court room.

Bareheaded women in ads in Chechnya were ordered to be covered up.

Muslim women in India clean up river banks for a Hindu celebration as a gesture of Muslim-Hindu unity.

Wafaa Elwakin from Louisiana, US, claims to be assaulted by her employer on basis of her background/religion.

Two girls in Russia are mixed up just after birth; one was raised as a Muslim, the other as a Christian.

FGM on the rise in post-Mubarak Egypt.

Pakistani woman has been burnt by ex-fiance after rape attempt. May Allah give her the strength to survive.

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