Bekhsoos: Concerning Homophobia

How excited was I when our editor, Fatemeh, emailed out a link to a new online magazine called Bekhsoos!? Of course, I jumped at the chance to cover the first issue of the mag, which is called Bekhsoos il Homophobia (Concerning Homophobia) and is chock-full of editorials, personal stories, health articles, media analyses and more, all concerning homophobia. The best part? The magazine is based in Lebanon, where being gay is against the law, so it's existence alone is ultra-radical. The … [Read more...]

What NOT to do if you are a male feminist ally.

It can sometimes be interesting (i.e. RIDICULOUS) to hear the advice of a man on how women can achieve equality. Now, of course men can be feminists...I see it all the time. Every movement needs allies and the feminist movement is no exception. However, the first and (by far) most important thing that men can do if they REALLY want to help is to listen and push the movement in the direction that women are already taking it.Clearly, Khalil Al-Anani from Daily News Egypt is unaware of that … [Read more...]

Iranian women continue to fight the system…

...but somehow the news article that covers it decides to completely change the subject to whether or not Islam condones/accepts polygamy. Yeah...I don't quite understand the flow either.I was super excited to see the headline ("Iranian women battle the system"). It was like a "Yeah! Finally, Muslim women are being portrayed as really strong revolutionaries who are fighting against injustice WITHOUT the help of 'Western' feminists! Woo." sort of moment for me. Plus that sweet picture of … [Read more...]

Mouth to Mouth: How Pakistani Senator’s Comments Overshadow the Real Story

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! I spent the first day of Ramadan at the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities protesting the 2,342,343,253 ways (roughly) that our lovely ruling party has screwed over the world. But maybe that's another story for another blog. This post might be a little shorter than usual because, honestly, marching all day and holding up signs ('Stop Hating Brown People!!!') in the hot sun with robocops on the sidelines definitely takes a lot out of me.My country of … [Read more...]

Mother Knows Best: CNN’s interview with an alleged suicide bomber

Sometimes I wonder why I even browse anymore. However, it does tend to make for a good story for MMW each week :)This story about an Iraqi woman being detained because she is an alleged suicide bomber is pretty ridiculous....more so than what I'm used to seeing on there. Anytime mainstream news sources cover the 'phenomenon' of female suicide bombers, they regard it just as such: a PHENOMENON. Like it is impossible for women to be violent? Like women are only violent when they are … [Read more...]

A New Kind of Jihad

Is it possible to capture the lives of queer, gay, lesbian and bisexual Muslims in the span of a 81 minute film without essentializing their lives into either "oppressed" or "liberated"? Is it possible to do so while representing other aspects of their identities? Is it possible to recognize the vast differences in the experiences of gay men and gay WOMEN?Apparently, it is in A Jihad for Love. Parvez Sharma's film (trailer shown below) has been getting a lot of attention from mainstream … [Read more...]

Chay’s First Issue

We want to talk about sex and sexuality. Particularly, its politics. Particularly the power it has over us, the power to keep us quiet about violences that happen in our homes, the power to kill us with diseases we are not educated about or cannot prevent; how it is used for coercion and how it is meant to be an expression of pleasure, love and respect. We want to talk about sexual rights and sexual health, sexual orientation and gender roles, sexual violence and sexual abuse, sexual … [Read more...]