Reflections in the Kitchen


Another Ramadan. It’s hard to believe there’s little over a week left. It’s been yet another blur of a month with 17 hour rozas: sehri, work, nap, make, iftaar, sleep, with prayers and reading Quran interspersed throughout the day. Repeat.It’s been another year of not making it to the evening tarawih prayers and little inspiration at the Jumaah prayers I’ve attended. In my life at this point in time, Ramadan is far more a time for personal reflection and commitment to making my own changes th … [Read more...]

Friday Links

Following Malak Kazan's lawsuit, the Police Department has announced that it will be implementing a new policy for women who wear a religious headscarfIn case you haven't had enough, here is another story on Muslim women fashion bloggers breaking stereotypes The BBC asks how  London's young Muslims view the 7/7 attacks, interviewing a group of teenage girls who barely remember the events.A Spanish woman has been arrested by police in Lanzarote on allegations she recruited teenage gi … [Read more...]

My “Anti-Social” Ramadan


I moved from India to the USA two months back, and my life has completely changed, as expected. Before Ramadan started, because of the very long days and the fact that I was the primary caretaker of my 1 year old (like most mothers are), I worried if I would be able to fast. With God's grace, I have been able to till now. All the Ramadans that I remember from my past are when I had busy schedules outside my home. Working full time for the last 9 years and before that of course bring in college, … [Read more...]

Failing Ramadan? On Fasting and Being “Non-Practising”


The writer of this post wishes to remain anonymous.If fasting were a class or a course, I’d give myself an F this Ramadan. This is strange for me, as I have never had any problems fasting, even during long hot summers, and I’ve been doing it since I was ten. This is the first Ramadan I feel I have "failed." It was clear to me that I couldn't do it when I woke up and I just did not see the point of not eating and not drinking. So, without planning to, I broke my fast. I remember “cheating” onc … [Read more...]

Ramadan Thoughts On Muslimness and Indigeneity

Ramadan cards with traditional Tehuana flower designs

For the longest time I have been pondering what, if anything, makes me Muslim. Is it the shahadah? Is it pure belief in the divine? Is it community acknowledgement? Is it the fasting and tarawih prayers during Ramadan? Or is it the fact that I have somehow forced myself in other Muslims’ lives by writing in sites like MMW?The question is timely. I do not think I am the only one who wonders about this. Whether converts or born-Muslims, I seem to always end up having the same conversations w … [Read more...]

Friday Links

Rebecca Perring writes about "Sham sharia weddings" which leave women "exposed to lying and cheating husbands" In more Sharia wedding news,the Times reports that young Muslims are fuelling the rise of Sharia marriage. In the wake of this report, the UK's first female Sharia judge made some comments, stating that the “government cannot ask Muslims not to have more than one wife”.Myriam Francois-Cerrah meanwhile writes that Sharia marriages are "not toxic" and demonising them won't help any … [Read more...]

Why, My Brother? On Terror in Ramadan


I was breaking my twenty hour fast when I saw the footage from Sousse for the first time, a video taken by one of the hotel workers who is heard saying, repeatedly: “aleish, aleish tugtel fil naas?” (Why, why are you killing people?). The familiar accent, and the bewildered tone of the man speaking, brought home to me what the man meant when at one point he said “ya khuya,” my brother. Because the murderer who massacred at least 38 on that beach resort was someone who could have been his brother … [Read more...]