A Song of the Cat

ON this evening in 1982, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical based upon T. S. Eliot’s delightful little book Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats opened to rave reviews. Running for eighteen years, it would prove to be the second longest running production in Broadway’s history. How many people followed it to the book remains unknown. I hope, many…

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  • Jeanne Desy

    I’m not bragging . . . well, yes I am. I owned the book before there was the play. Yes. That’s English major-cat ladies for you. I probably studied”The Wasteland” three times, and imitated it at least once, but I remember more of the lyrics from Cat.

    I do think it’s a delightful irony that people who couldn’t wait to get out of English class, and may have never been assigned to read Eliot, paid a lot of money to see that play. Eliot got us coming and going. And he never could have guessed this would happen. Ah, karma.