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Turning Moments

I came into the office early today. There is just too much to do. In addition to the regular sermon, last of the formal church year, later in the afternoon on Sunday I'll be one of two preachers at our local Pride kickoff worship service. So, some writing to do. In addition to which this is one heck of a busy church and there are so many balls in the air, I needed time to catch some on several separate projects. Not needed, need...So, I'm pounding away on the computer screen when in walks … [Read more...]

E. O. Wilson

Edward Osborne Wilson was born on this day in 1929... … [Read more...]

Happy Birthay, Donald Duck!

Today in 1934, Donald Duck made his first appearance in a supporting role in the cartoon The Wise Little Hen. … [Read more...]

Where Science and Spirituality Meet Science and Buddhism Meet from Gerald Penilla on Vimeo.I'm not the biggest fan of connecting ancient spiritual principles to contemporary scientific theories. At the same time it is something folk are drawn to. And this is a pretty good attempt at connecting some of those dots.At least worth a peek...Thank you, James, for the pointer! … [Read more...]

TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST: Another Reflection on Truth

TO BE PERFECTLY HONEST Another Reflection on TruthA Sermon byJames Ishmael Ford7 June 2009First Unitarian ChurchProvidence, Rhode IslandText Someone said that (the Zen Buddhist precept against lying) was the one they found most difficult to keep. Afterwards, I thought about that. Why is that? I think it is because, of the types of behavior described by these five precepts (at the heart of the Buddha’s ethical code), lying is the one that is most accepted. We all basically know that you don't k … [Read more...]

WAKING UP IN THE WEST: A Reflection on Boundless Way Zen and the Emergence of a Western Zen Buddhism

Waking Up in the West A Reflection on Boundless Way Zen and the Emergence of a Western Zen Buddhism A Paper Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Boundless Way Zen Sangha6 June 2009at the First Parish (Unitarian Universalist)Framingham, MassachusettsJames Myoun Ford, OshoFounding School AbbotBoundless Way ZenA special transmission outside the scriptures Not based upon words or letters; Directly pointing to the heart mind Seeing into one’s true nature, attaining the Buddha way.Attributed to B … [Read more...]

Life in the Big Cities

New York City is where everyone has more money than you, Washington, DC, is where everyone has more power than you, Boston is where everyone has a pricier degree than you, London is where everyone goes to better restaurants than you do, and San Francisco is where everyone has more sex than you do.Thank you, Diggitt, who credits this bit of wisdom to an old friend.picture by George Thiaru... … [Read more...]

Robert Jensen’s Inquisition

The following article by Robert Jensen which was adapted from his book, All My Bones Shake, I've lifted whole from one of my favorite blog sites, Killing the Buddha. I cross post it here because I find it such an eloquent expression of engaged faith and the difficulties of such at any time...The Inquisition by Robert Jensen One of the most surreal days of my adult life was spent sitting in a Presbyterian church in San Antonio, listening to several hundred church officials discuss the state of my … [Read more...]

Spaulding Gray

Spauling Gray was born today in 1941. … [Read more...]