Stop Emerson

(Thank you Dan, for this jewel! And a tip of the Hatlo hat to Will for pointing it out...) … [Read more...]

If You Can’t Run Away & Join the Circus

You can spend a few minutes in the funny pages... … [Read more...]

The Art of Just Sitting

Hakuin's Song of ZazenTranslated by Norman WaddellAll beings by nature are Buddha,As ice by nature is water.Apart from water there is no ice;Apart from beings, no Buddha.How sad that people ignore the nearAnd search for truth afar:Like someone in the midst of waterCrying out in thirst,Like a child of a wealthy homeWandering among the poor.Lost on dark paths of ignorance,We wander through the Six Worlds,From dark path to dark path--When shall we be freed from birth and death?Oh, the zazen of the … [Read more...]

Becoming Flame

Anyone who pokes through my blog knows I'm very, very fond of the Desert Fathers, (here's another more sectarian, but frankly better brief take.) those Christian monks and really, nuns as well, who fled to the Egyptian desert in the fourth and fifth centuries of our common era, seeking deepest wisdom.What remains for us are fragments of conversation and briefest homilies.For someone of my spiritual tastebuds among the intriguing things about them is how often they sound like Zen teachings.My … [Read more...]

Introducing UU Planet

the coolest thing since sliced bread!Well, almost...If you want the cutting edge of UU outreach, check out UU Planet! … [Read more...]

Dorothea Dix

On this day in 1841 educator Dorothea Dix visited the East Cambridge Jail to teach a Sunday school class. She found mentally ill women incarcerated with violent criminals. All were living in horrific conditions without heat or furniture. When asked how these conditions could be tolerated she was told the "insane do not feel heat or cold."She began to visit perhaps every jail in the Commonwealth carefully documenting what she witnessed. Armed with this information she began to lobby politicians … [Read more...]

Where Everything is Music

Don't worry about saving these songs! And if one of our instruments breaks, it doesn't matter. We have fallen into the place where everything is music. The strumming and the flute notes rise ito the atmosphere, and even if the whole world's harp should burnup, there will still be hidden instruments playing. So the candle flickers and goes out. We have a piece of flint, an a spark. This singing art is sea foam. The graceful movements come from a pearlsomewhere on the ocean floor. Poems reach up … [Read more...]

the moment

the moment is near a hawk hangs high in the air winter dreams the greenjames ishmael ford … [Read more...]

An Easter Sermon Worth Reading

I wish I wrote it. But, as I didn't, I sure am glad I read it. "The oxygen of truth or the dephlogistication of the Resurrection" by one of the most interesting Unitarian theologians writing today. Rich, rich... … [Read more...]

Song of the Grass Roof Hermitage

I've built a grass hut where there's nothing of value.After eating, I relax and enjoy a nap.When it was completed, fresh weeds appeared.Now it's been lived in - covered by weeds. The person in the hut lives here calmly,Not stuck to inside, outside, or in between.Places worldly people live, he doesn't live.Realms worldly people love, he doesn't love. Though the hut is small, it includes the entire world.In ten square feet, an old man illumines forms and their nature.A Great Vehicle … [Read more...]