Briefest on Christian Not Knowing

Today is the feast of the Christian bishop Gregory of Nyssa. His brother was the renowned Basil of Caesarea & together they are known by the sobriquet "Cappadocian Fathers." Gregory was an incredibly important theologian, a principal in the Christological debates, particularly against the Arian tradition, contributing to the development of the idea of Trinity as well as being among the first to speak of God as infinite.He is interesting to me for two reasons.First was his interest in … [Read more...]

FOR FAITH IS THE GIFT OF GOD: A Reflection on Meeting Tranyslvanian Unitarians

FOR FAITH IS THE GIFT OF GOD A Reflection on Meeting Transylvanian UnitariansA Sermon byJames Ishmael Ford8 March 2009First Unitarian ChurchProvidence, Rhode IslandText His majesty, our Lord, in what manner he – together with his realm – legislated in the matter of religion at the previous Diets, in the same matter now, in this Diet, reaffirms that in every place the preachers shall preach and explain the Gospel each according to his understanding of it, and if the congregation like it, well. If … [Read more...]

On Trusting the Solitude

But everything that once perhaps will be possible to many, the solitary man can already prepare for and build now with his hands, which go less astray. Therefore, dear Sir, love your solitude and bear the pain which it has caused you with fair-sounding lament. For those that are near you are far, you say, and this shews that distance begins to grow round you. And when your nearness is far, then your distance is already among the stars and very great; be glad of your growing, into which you can … [Read more...]

Susan Blackmore on Memes & Temes

Susan Blackmore is probably my favorite controversial thinker going right now... … [Read more...]

Watching the Anger

In his famous Ballad of Pretty Boy Floyd, Woody Guthrie wrote "some will rob you with a six gun, and some with a fountain pen." He concludes his song with the observation that "you'll never see an outlaw drive a family from their home." I don't actually believe that's true.But there is something strange in how we treat white collar crime.I hear the horrors that are following in the wake of Bernie Madoff's crime wave, and I experience a rare wave of feeling that there might be times when capital … [Read more...]


A wise person once observed that among the important things for someone to do in her or his life is to find a worthy but difficult cause and to work at it for as long as it takes. The very engagement will make a better person out of the participant. And it will mean their living has a little more purpose than otherwise would be the case...The good news is there are many such opportunities. I hold up one for your consideration. And that is to support ever expanding civil rights for homosexual … [Read more...]

The Anglican Buddhist Bishop

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan has just elected as their new bishop the Reverend Kevin Thew Forrester, a person who has committed to walking the twin way of Anglican Christianity and Zen Buddhism. The stories I've found all allude to his having taken "lay ordination" in Zen Buddhism. Which means he has taken the sixteen Bodhisattva precepts from the Soto Zen priest, Sensei Shoken Winecoff. It does not mean he has clerical status within the Zen sangha, which appears to be a concern … [Read more...]

A little of This and That Regarding Contemporary Unitarian Universalist Spirituality

I believe American Unitarianism to be one of the most compelling aspects of a new and emergent world spirituality. And within that tradition, its mid nineteenth century movement, Transcendentalism is among its most exciting aspects.Henry Thoreau's Walden is one of the great spiritual treasures.American Unitarianism arose as a rational response to Calvinism at the beginning of the nineteenth century. A generation later Transcendentalism arose as an intuitive corrective to excesses of that … [Read more...]

Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know

Thank you, Posey! … [Read more...]

Charles Curtis

On this day in 1928 Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as President of the United States. At the same time Charles Curtis became the thirty-first Vice President of the United States.Curtis was the first person with a substantial non European heritage to rise to such political heights, something that would not be equaled until the election of our forty-fourth president.On his mother's side Charles Curtis was almost entirely Native American. He even spent a substantial part of his childhood with his … [Read more...]