How do you manage the multiple relationships that can arise from seeing clients in your stake?

I’m an LDS graduate student currently in training to get my PhD in clinical psych. Although I don’t plan to work exclusively with LDS populations, I expect that wherever I settle down, I will get members of my local stake coming to me because we share the same religious beliefs. My question is, in your [Read More…]

What do I do when my spouse refuses any form of intimacy?

What is an appropriate response when your spouse absolutely refuses any form of intimacy?After our last child was conceived — 9 years ago 00 my wife announced she wouldn’t have any physical relationship with me anymore. And, she has enforced it: no sex, no kissing and virtually no touching.She said she didn’t like it and [Read More…]

I have a socially acceptable eating disorder addiction…

I have what I consider to be a socially acceptable eating disorder addiction; I compulsively overeat and I am addicted to sugary foods (ie. cookies, brownies, cakes, candy, chocolate, etc.) I have sought help through my local Overeater’s Anonymous group and am working through their 12 Step Recovery program. It is not the LDS Addiction [Read More…]


Visitors who comment or ask questions on this blog understand that they are not entering into a client/therapist relationship with Natasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT. Advice given on this blog is done so relative to how the question/comments are presented. Visitors should remember that Natasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT may not have all relevant information to the [Read More…]

FYI: Interview

I have been interviewed by The interview is posted today. Check out their site. I do want to clarify that I am not a “doctor.” I have my masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. [Read more…]

Shame is inherited from unhealthy attitudes…

Not sure your opinion on this view of shame vs. guilt, but I had heard something that stuck with me. The idea was that guilt is something that can be earned, but shame is inherited from unhealthy attitudes (e.g. sexual repression) that we get from our parents. When we are “shamed” as children for what [Read More…]

Discussing sexual matters outside of marriage…

I don’t wish to be critical of some of the statements made here, but I do wish to clarify the counsel we have been given regarding discussing our private sex lives with friends or family. The Church’s counsel has always been to not discuss sexual matters outside of marriage unless with a therapist or counselor [Read More…]

Where is the line drawn between right and wrong on the continuum of sexual activities?

It seems this commenter believes that we as members must be commanded in all things if we’re to know what God’s will is for each of us. I understand it’s convenient and easy to categorically paint certain behaviors as either black or white without regard to circumstance. He/she believes people who have justified masturbation in [Read More…]

People in the church are gravitating to the most liberal interpretation of doctrine they can conjure up…

In response to the statement “I do want to reiterate that I do agree with church guidance that masturbation is a practice we need to try to control and keep at bay”. This is misleading and incorrect. The Chruch’s position reflected in many statements is to abstain from masturbation, not simply control it or keep [Read More…]

Pointing out the pitfalls to leaving a marriage…

Natasha – thank you so much for pointing out the pitfalls to leaving a marriage over issues of free agency. This is something I know many people have been facing, and it is so encouraging to see you tackle it from a faithful perspective that is also very psychologically balanced. I appreciate all the good [Read More…]