Can you provide informational postings helping LDS newlyweds?

I think that this blog is an excellent idea, especially the focus on sexuality in an LDS marriage. My wife and I were married in 2007 and have unfortunately had to put a lot of time into overcoming her insecurities about her body and intimacy in general. I was lucky enough, though it didn’t seem [Read More...]

The Doctor is In: Link between Depression and Coronary Artery Disease

Depression is the most common psychiatric diagnosis and is frequently seen among patients with chronic medical illnesses. A recent study published in Psychiatric Times stated depression is common among patients with coronary artery disease (#1 cause of death in the USA) and can increase cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Concerning this correlation, it is important to [Read More...]

What do I do when I don’t feel safe talking to my husband about sex?

I just discovered your blog and am intrigued. You mentioned in an earlier post about communicating with our spouse our view of sex–not just the fantasies. I don’t feel like I can do that with my husband. He is not a safe place to go for me. We have a different opinion about how and [Read More...]

What’s there to talk about during sex?

My husband and I don’t really talk during sex. What’s there to talk about? I’m certainly not going to talk about something other than sex because then I get distracted and the mood totally dies. Or we can talk about sex, but talking about sex while you’re actually doing it seems stupid it me. And [Read More...]

Recommended Reading: Self-Inflicted Violence

The Scarred Soul: Understanding & Ending Self-Inflicted Violence by Tracy Alderman, PhD [Read more...]

Continuation of Answer Re Sexual Fantasies

I don’t believe I touched enough on the issue of sexual fantasies in my previous answer to question/comments posted. I have found that married couples in the LDS community, or even other religiously conservative communities, many times have challenges within the realm of their sexuality. Most of us spent the first part of our lives [Read More...]

Format of this Blog

For the most part, I try to answer questions in the order they are received.  However, due to the volume of questions I receive, I am unable to answer all of them. What you can expect from the different titles on my blog:Direct Question: Question or comment that has either been posted on my blog [Read More...]

FYI: What are the primary complaints leading to divorce?

“Research shows that the primary complaints leading to divorce are not physical abuse or addiction but, rather, lack of communication, lack of affection and nagging (Hetherington, Cox, and Cox, 1981, p. 58).”Taken from Divorce Busting by Michele Weiner-Davis. [Read more...]

I’m afraid to commit to working on this relationship when I don’t know if I want to stay.

I have been in therapy for most of the last several years. My therapist warned me when I started that therapy was likely to result in the end of my marriage. She doesn’t tell me what I should do, but has continued to say that she thinks I probably will leave the marriage eventually if [Read More...]

I don’t want to break up my family. Is forcing myself to make this marriage work my only option?

Natasha, maybe you could help with my question. I’m an LDS woman, married for almost 19 years, with 3 children (youngest is 11, oldest is 17). I feel trapped because I was not ready or mature enough when I got married to know what I wanted, and I haven’t ever been in love, or attracted [Read More...]