Do you have any suggestions on how I could soften his heart?

To give a little background, I was married in the temple about 8 years ago. My husband and I had a baby girl 16 months ago, and shortly after she was born my husband told me that he didn’t believe in the church and wanted nothing more do do with it. This struggle has been [Read More…]

Hymns to Ponder

How Great Thou Art #86 I Need Thee Every Hour #98 Master the Tempest is Raging #105 Come Unto Jesus #117 Where Can I Turn for Peace? #129 I Know That My Redeemer Lives #136 I Stand All Amazed #193 Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words #232 [Read more…]

I would be interested to hear what the original poster decided to do regarding the exercises…

Comment #1: If she is comfortable responding, I would be interested to hear what the original poster of the question thinks of this response and what she decided to do regarding the exercises.  Comment #2: I am the original poster and first of all want to thank Natasha for the effort she puts in to [Read More…]

We feel too embarrassed to confide in others…

I found your blog yesterday afternoon, and haven’t been able to stop reading.  I read every single column, from your latest June 24th column all the way back to your first column on February 26th.  It has been riveting, educational, and inspiring to not only see the struggles that people go through, but to have [Read More…]

How far is too far?

Okay I’m just gonna ask, at the risk of you feeling like I have just ignored everything you just wrote. And I am not even sure that you are the right person to ask, but seeing that this topic is being addressed here, here goes…. so often I am in a group of LDS girlfriends [Read More…]

Shame and guilt are not the same thing, right?

So much good thought here. Thanks for all you are doing. Not that I’m a therapist, but I quibble a bit with the notion that the gospel is never about guilt. Shame and guilt are not the same thing, right? Prophets have taught that guilt can be to the spirit what pain is to the [Read More…]

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who have written in with suggestions for how to more efficiently run my blog.  I am in the process of beginning to apply some these suggestions and I appreciate all of the input.  So far this blog has been an enjoyable and productively challenging project and I owe all of [Read More…]

The need for sex is real, but should not define or drive a relationship…

But we are not expected to never eat. In fact, our physical body would die. And the hungrier we are, the more natural it is to think of food. It is similar with our sexual selves as well. Whoa, there. If sex is equal to the need for food, then what of those who aren’t [Read More…]

Does it have to be men vs. women?

This can also be very tricky (regarding imbalance of sexual desire) in a relationship where there is abuse of any kind or coercion or other unhealthy patterns. Some women aren’t disinterested or distant because they don’t care about sex; it may be because they are in pain and the husband has reduced them to an [Read More…]

Solo is not a huge sin…

I agree with the commenter that the answer to your question is between you and the Lord. I came across an interesting comment on another LDS site about sexuality that seems to address your very issue: “In my experience and in talking to several church authorities in varying levels, the problem isn’t in the act [Read More…]