The need for sex is real, but should not define or drive a relationship…

But we are not expected to never eat. In fact, our physical body would die. And the hungrier we are, the more natural it is to think of food. It is similar with our sexual selves as well. Whoa, there. If sex is equal to the need for food, then what of those who aren’t [Read More…]

Does it have to be men vs. women?

This can also be very tricky (regarding imbalance of sexual desire) in a relationship where there is abuse of any kind or coercion or other unhealthy patterns. Some women aren’t disinterested or distant because they don’t care about sex; it may be because they are in pain and the husband has reduced them to an [Read More…]

Solo is not a huge sin…

I agree with the commenter that the answer to your question is between you and the Lord. I came across an interesting comment on another LDS site about sexuality that seems to address your very issue: “In my experience and in talking to several church authorities in varying levels, the problem isn’t in the act [Read More…]

Could I be having less intense orgasms?

I have been married, happily, for almost 5 years (this month!) We have 3 kids and a healthy sex life. But I have been struggling to fully immerse myself and enjoy sex and can honestly say that I have only had 3 orgasms ever. From what I have learned: if you’ve had one, you’ll know. [Read More…]

How can I support my husband after infidelity?

It’s been a few weeks since I posted originally, titled “I discovered my husband has been enrolling in adult friend network sights”. And I am excited to say that my husband appears to be following through with his promises so far. He met with the bishop and the bishop is sending him to the addictions [Read More…]

One way or another, you need to find peace…

I am interested in other responses to your question but thought I would give you my input. I should preface by saying that I am in no way an authority, but I have given much thought to this. In my opinion, only you can answer the questions that you asked. I think we (in general) [Read More…]

If I just keep trying to do the right thing, will I feel normal?

I need to exercise. I spent many years in a physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abusive marriage. I work several jobs to support my children, including one on a mission. I have no family around. I feel like living this secret past doesn’t allow me to fit in with others. I attend the Temple regularly, [Read More…]

How do I deal with coregasms happening during exercise?

I am a single LDS female (virgin) and I wanted to do a certain yoga type exercise program, namely 5 Tibetans, on a regular basis for its great health benefits and little time it takes to do. I find myself very aroused when doing some exercises. You are supposed to do 21 repetitions but for [Read More…]

I think our sexual stewardship is up to us…

Thanks for a great post and great comments. My DW and I had a great conversation the other evening about this very idea, that so many LDS (and other) folks want to know what the “rules” are: where the lines are. If there is a rule, we’re determined to try to follow it, but we [Read More…]

I am divorced and masturbating occasionally. Does this make me unworthy?

I am a female and divorced after many years of marriage. I don’t date as I have children at home I am focusing on raising. I feel like I am a good LDS member but I have masturbated every few months or so. I feel guilty and ashamed about it. Am I bad? It just [Read More…]