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For the SCL Readers Getting Their "Blog Creep" On

Hey everyone,If you're linking here from my guest post on Stuff Christians Like, no worries. I get my blog creep on every once in awhile too. If you're trying to find out in 90 seconds or less whether I have any useful stuff on this site, let me help you out.Why I blog (and what's with my web address): Hooray! Another Blogger!TOP 10 POSTS:1. A Letter To Barack Obama (Thought-Provoking)2. A Letter To Evangelical Christians (Thought-Provoking)3. Quitter, by Jon Acuff (Book … [Read more...]

Five for (Friday)

Five for Friday on a Thursday? Why not? Actually, there's a good reason why I'm sending out my links today. Friday I have the privilege of guest posting on Stuff Christians Like (ranked #11 on Church Relevance's Top 200 Christian blogs). So, I'll post something of a welcome/splash page for folks checking out for the first time. Today, here are some great articles to consider:How To Let a Dream Die - Perry Noble shares some great insight on how to settle for average in your … [Read more...]

How to Break Your Addiction to Stuff

 BIG Idea: Giving is the only antidote to greed.The behemoth of Black Friday is behind us, and as the graphic so aptly states, only in America do we trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what we already have. Now that Black Friday has been pushed back into Thursday, we don't even wait a day. Underlying our consumer mentality is pure, unadulterated greed.We want more, we need more. We feel we're complete until we see an advertisement with something … [Read more...]

Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, & Life Together by Mark and Grace Driscoll

Do you ever wish a pastor would shoot straight about sex? Not the pie-in-the-sky sexual idealism that preachers rant about and many people break by the time they graduate high school. I’m talking real truth about the sexual messes that too many people find themselves in. If so, then this book is for you.Real Marriage is a somewhat controversial book in Christian circles, not because anything in there is unbiblical, but because Mark Driscoll ventures into sexual issues that some consider taboo. … [Read more...]

What Marriage Looks Like When You Don't Give Up

Do you want to see a beautiful picture of what a marriage looks like when you don't give up? Watch this video that we made to close out our "I Want a New Marriage" series.  … [Read more...]

Have a Great Thanksgiving!

Have a great Thanksgiving week with your family! I'm taking the week off from blogging. See you next Monday! … [Read more...]

Five for Friday

Have a great weekend!Fact Checking the Pastor - I'm sure you never have to do it, but here's a good laugh about all the other pastors out there.Nine Signs You May Be Addicted to Social Media - true words from Perry Noble.Happy Birthday Billy Graham - A moving tribute from Billy's grandson.Leadership Lessons from Abraham Lincoln - With the release of the movie, fitting time to dive a little deeper into his life and see what we can learn.Top Songs Sung in Church - Here's the … [Read more...]

What the Church Can Learn From Disney World

This week my family has been enjoying some memory-making time at "Mickey's Castle" (as my three-year-old calls it). Since I'm technically on vacation, I'll keep this short. Here are seven things the church can learn from Disney World:1. Their experience begins in the parking lot. Walt intentionally made the parking lot of Magic Kingdom far away from the park itself because he wanted everyone to experience the magic of the entrance to his park on a monorail. How can churches create a lasting … [Read more...]

Live For the Line, Not the Dot

BIG Idea: Live for the line, not dot.Have you ever encountered someone who lacked perspective? If you have, you've probably been amused/annoyed/concerned/entertained by their complete lack of self-awareness. It might be the two-year-old throwing down Armaggedon in the grocery store because his mom wouldn't get him the candy that apparently his life depended on.It might be a teenage girl stomping to her room and cocooning herself in an isolated sanctuary of self-pity and grief because her … [Read more...]

The Art of Intelligence: Lessons From a Life in the CIA's Clandestine Service, by Henry A. Crumpton

With the release of the latest James Bond movie, it's fitting to do a book review on a real life James Bond, the CIA's Henry Crumpton. Written by a former CIA operative about the shadowy world of US Intelligence, this is one of the few books written by an insider with deep ties to the intelligence community.As I was reading it, my most reoccurring thought was, “they let him write this?” It was fascinating to read about some of the inner workings of the CIA, and although I know all of the info … [Read more...]