Updating my life

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Okay, here I go again.  Cleaning my virtual house, as it were.  I have spent the morning online trying to streamlline my presence on the web.  New e-mail address, import the old ones, change my FB name, Google Voice…. Now I think I just have to check one e-mail address that everything feeds into.  Should make life a tad simpler.

InshAllah today I will be productive.  Laundry, an ongoing process.  Making ta’amaya.  Working on cross stitch.  Mediating disputes between my kids.  Whew, tired already.

I’m still working on Surah Yasin.  I left it for several days after we all started coming down with tummy viruses.  InshAllah I’ll get back at it this afternoon.  I really love this surah and memorizing by listening to Muhammad Ayyoub is really relatively easy because he is easy to understand.  Oh, and no particular reason for the picture here – just thought it looked nice.  It’s one of my dragon avatars from Second Life.

Fi Aman Allah,


Okay, nothing profound to talk about at the moment.  My mind is on getting into the kitchen before little Zaid wakes up.  Have to take the new food processor hubby brought me for a spin.

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