Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah DISCLAIMER:  I have to do this before articles where I write about stuff that ticks me off:  I am NOT talking from personal experience here in this following blog post.  My husband, mashaAllah, is kind, generous, wants me to buy stuff for myself, take time for myself, relax, enjoy, etc., etc.  He is not a miser and I am not talking about or thinking about him when I write what is below.  He… Read more

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahI took sick on Wednesday night.  Not a cold sick, not even a feverish flu sick, or a yucky stomach-virus sick.  This was a different sick.  About four in the morning I roused to nurse the baby and noticed that when I changed sides and turned my head I felt dizzy.  I went back to sleep but by morning the vertigo was in full force.  As soon as I stood up, the room started spinning… Read more

The Zombie Mommy  You’ve seen herStanding in line at the grocery storeLooking into the far distance as the bag boy repeatedly intones “paper or plastic?”At the parkStanding behind a child sitting forlornly on a swing, motionless, as her unfocused eyes see nothing and she is unable to provide momentum for even a modest back-and-forthShe’s thereSitting in the drive-thru at Taco Bell, the lady cashier tapping on her car window trying to hand out a meal she doesn’t remember orderingShe’s in… Read more

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahI’m following a gentleman on Facebook who is visiting many faiths by “trying on” each one for a month (see Project Conversion) .  He has dipped into Bahai, Hinduism, and several other religions, and this month he is learning about Buddhism.  In his most recent blog post, he mentioned that his wife was having trouble with one of the aspects of being married to someone who was seeing what it was like to be a monk. … Read more

A Christian friend on my FB list posted this quote: I have a glove here in my hand. The glove cannot do anything by itself, but when my hand is in it, it can do many things. True, it is not the glove, but my hand in the glove that acts. We are gloves. It is the Holy Spirit in us who is the hand, who does the job. We have to make room for the hand so that every… Read more

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahWell, the title says it all, no?  It seems that merely wearing traditional Islamic clothing, or sporting a long beard, or wearing a veil, or simply having swarthy skin is enough to get you bumped from a flight. Just the other day, two Imaams (Muslim clerics),  Mohamed Zaghloul and Masudur Rahman, were removed from a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, after some passengers complained that their mere presence made them feel “uncomfortable”.Now, here’s the thing. … Read more

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahWell, the fallout from the OBL situation continues.  But I have faith in the short attention span of many of My Fellow Americans, so no doubt they’ll be on to the Next Big Story soon.  Like, what will be the summer’s blockbuster movie or who will win on that new show, “The Voice”.  You know, important stuff, vital to our future.For everyone who is wondering what went on in the last couple of weeks, let’s… Read more

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahOkay, I love to write.  Most of the time I just spew out whatever is in my mind without using the “edit” function in my brain too much.  My blog is mine, so I can write what I like, right?  I do refrain from telling too much about my personal life – some things are private and are best not shared with random strangers.  So I thought that I would write about the killing of… Read more

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahOkay, I confess.  It’s almost 10:30 in the morning and I just now realized it’s not Monday, it’s Tuesday.  It’s not my fault – all my mental markers are off.  The kids had their first day back at school today, not yesterday, after a long spring break.  And today my husband didn’t go to his usual auction due to a schedule change.  So I’m feeling like it’s Monday mentally.  Well, I don’t have any appointments… Read more

Bismillahi Rahmani RahimSalaam Alaikum wa RahmatullahI’m an old married lady.  Forty-four, five kids, married almost twelve years.  I’ve been Muslim for seventeen years, and through the years I’ve seen most mistakes that men and women make on the way to finding a spouse.  I’ve made a lot of those mistakes, too.I’m a Facebook addict with about two thousand friends, and I have noticed a trend lately.  Many of the women are opining about the impossibility of finding a good husband, or complaining… Read more

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