The Palin / Trump Interview: Fluff Piece Extraordinaire

So last night I took on the awesome responsibility of watching and live-tweeting former Governor Sarah Palin's interview of presidential candidate Donald Trump. You're welcome. I put the kids to bed, brewed up a nice cup of decaf, told my husband to go do Netflix for an hour, and settled down with my iPhone and computer. I limbered up my fingers by scritching the cats under their chins for a few minutes, thought long and hard about an appropriate hashtag, and then started … [Read more...]

A Couple of Periscope Broadcasts (Videos)

As Salaamu Alaikum and hello all.  I hope you are having / have had a blessed Jumuah.  I am posting here a couple of videos I'd like you to take a look at.  One I did yesterday afternoon.  It was a short Q&A about Islam.  A young lady from Turkey asked some pointed questions about Islam and her attitude is that she wants Islam to be eliminated from Turkey.  She said that she herself is Muslim so of course you can see that she is confused.  I engaged her in the first video, then I did another … [Read more...]

Ah, it’s a hard world, isn’t it?

As Salaamu Alaikum and hello all.  It is Thursday morning.  Yesterday was a tough day for anyone living in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  I mean, it's weird, how we make seemingly distant events familiar.  I'm all the way on the other side of the state from where this heinous shooting took place, but because it happened in my state, and one of the victims went to Virginia Tech and I have a friend who is an alumnus, well, it felt like it was happening right on my doorstep. Two people murdered in … [Read more...]

My Bid to Take Over All Social Media – Periscope

As Salaamu Alaikum and hello all!  Well, just when I thought I was all caught up with my social media presence, the Interwebs goes ahead and invents something new!  About four months ago, Twitter created a new app called Periscope.  It is a live-streaming app that allows you to just say hello to the world on the spur of the moment.  'Scopes can range from the trivial - "I'm Bored, Ask Me Anything" - to the educational.  And of course you have to be careful not to stumble upon anything inap … [Read more...]

A Few Words on the Confederate Flag and Its Effect on People


This will be quick because I just am wrapping up at work and I need to go home and do laundry before the kids are reduced to wearing fig leaves.  Which I don't have.  I do have some celery sticks in the fridge but can't see how that would work.... Okay, the issue of the Confederate flag, or more specifically the Battle Flag of Virginia, has been huge in the news since that young man entered a church in Charleston and assassinated eight people.  There are those who should say it should go be … [Read more...]

Dear Newly-graduated Police Officer

Dear newly-graduated police officer God bless you. God bless you and keep you and give you the patience, skill, and eventually the wisdom to always do your job in a professional manner. God give you the ability to hold your tongue when someone insults you curses at you. God give you the ability to maintain your composure when someone gets in your face, yelling, striking you with spittle. God give you the ability to defuse and de-escalate a situation with your body posture, words, and even … [Read more...]

It’s a Black Issue. It’s not a Black Issue

The murder of Sam DuBose is horrifying and I am very happy that the now-fired officer is being indicted. Another Black family has to mourn the untimely death of their family member. We have to continue the ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ movement and work to bring fairness to the criminal justice system. This includes but is not limited to making sure police officers are recruited and trained in a proper manner, bodycams are made mandatory, racial profiling is eliminated, police offenders are brought to jus … [Read more...]

A Primer on All Those Funny-Sounding Arabic Words

A primer for everyone who wants to know: What are all those doggone foreign-sounding words Nancy keeps using? Even non-Arab Muslims tend to sprinkle their conversations with Arabic words. It's easier to say "iftaar" rather than "that meal we break our fast with when the sun goes down". After a while, we do it unconsciously and may accidentally use the Arabic words around our non-Muslim family, friends, or co-workers. "Hey, Sally, InshaAllah (God willing) I'm going to the beach this weekend, … [Read more...]

Restarting in Safe Mode

That's me, right there. You know how sometimes your computer goes on the fritz (okay, maybe not you Mac people), and then when it reboots it will tell you, “Computer did not shut down normally”. It will give you the option of restarting in normal mode or in “safe” mode. Safe mode is where you run essential services until you can figure out what is wrong. Well, I think I've been running in safe mode for most of the last three decades. And I'm 48. Yeah. My parents divorced when I was around fourte … [Read more...]

Was I being too kumba-ya about the situation in Phoenix?

As Salaamu Alaikum and howdy all. Well, it's Monday, and we can be happy that the protest in Phoenix was mostly peaceful and there was no violence and there were no arrests. There was even a very nice story about one of the protesters who accepted an invitation to go into the mosque. Prior to the protest, I wrote saying that if I were there, I would provide cold water for the protesters and try to engage with them on a human level. I got a lot of support for my point of view, thank you all, and … [Read more...]