Hesham Hassaballa – Why I am a Muslim

This is a guest post from Patheos Muslim Channel columnist Hesham Hassaballa. Patheos has asked bloggers to finish the sentence: Why I Am A

When this question was posed to me, I had to pause for a second and think: Why am I a Muslim? Indeed, I was raised Muslim, but I had a faith crisis during university years, and I still chose Islam after that crisis abated. Why?

Well, its strict monotheism makes complete sense to me. Moreover, its culmination of all the Prophetic tradition — from Adam to Muhammad — appeals to me as well. What I love about Islam, however, is the direct, personal relationship with God, the Creator and Sustainer. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is extremely important, no doubt. But, as a Muslim, God can be my personal friend as I traverse life’s journey ultimately back to Him.

Having said all of that, however, the most powerful thing about Islam for me is the Quran. Along with that personal relationship with God, I can hear Him speak to me each time I open the Quran, which is His living, breathing Word. And, what’s wonderful about the Quran is that it is never the same book twice. I can read the same verse ten times and can come away with a different benefit each time. It is truly amazing.

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