What’s a Good Media Diet?

Most of us try to find some kind of balance between too much media consumption and too little, particularly when it involves exposing ourselves to bad news. Too much negative information – about war, injustice, global warming, poverty, you name it – and we get overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or jaded. Too little and we risk losing touch… Read more

Why Should I…?

I sometimes experience a fair amount of stress around deciding when to indulge myself and when to do without for the sake of our common good. I’m not the most knowledgeable person about how various kinds of consumption impact the environment or contribute to social injustice, but I’ve got a general idea. I know that the fact I am sitting in an air-conditioned room right now is contributing to global warming… Read more

What’s the Problem?

Occasionally I cry myself to sleep. The last time I did, I just couldn’t stop thinking about polar bears and elephants. I sobbed as silently as I could in order not to wake my husband. My whole body clenched in grief and my pillow became wet with tears as I contemplated a world without any polar bears or elephants living in the wild. The question, I feel, should not be about why I was crying. Instead, it should be about why I don’t cry myself to sleep every night… Read more

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