“THIS IS TRULY THE CLOSEST PLACE TO HEAVEN” Vatican Moves Forward On Medjugorje- Catholic Media still silent on the biggest story on Earth

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A comment yesterday from a Mystic Post reader sums up beautifully what Medjugorje is all about and why The Vatican now speaks so highly of its spiritual fruits. God Bless Mystic Posts readers who love Our Lady, who worship her Son and are faithful to the Catholic Church.  Ellie Gonzales


I visited Medjugorje in 2010 and I was immediately engulfed by the spirituality, love and tremmirjana_veggente_medjugorje_645endous peace. Adoration, Mass, Holy. Eucharist, Reconciliation surrounded me daily. Being present at the Apparition to Mirjana on Oct. 2, 2010 by Our Lady was so uplifting and brought so much love and happiness to my heart and soul. I could feel Her presence among all of us on that hillside. Prayer is another gift that surrounds you always as soon as you arrive at the village. This was the most beautiful event for me to be in the presence of The Mother Of Jesus. I did not want to leave there to come home.



On a different note, I am totally baffled by Catholic media’s silence on the big news of the Vatican’s strongly positive words towards Medjugorje.

For me I ask myself is there really a bigger news story on Earth than the story that one of the most important and influential institutions on earth has accepted the reality that the Virgin  Mary has come from Heaven with special messages and to tell the world that “God Exists”.

CruxNow.com  reported the news of the positive comments made by the Papel envoy to Medjugorje but that’s about it from our friends in USA Catholic media.

Catholic media’s silence is troubling and sad.


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