Free: Spending Your Money and Time on What Matters Most

Image Credit: Mark Scandrette

Some folks in my church have begun a conversation about how to best support each other in reducing debt and spending less so that we can free up more money to give away. It’s a weird, but satisfying idea.

We are going on an overnight retreat next month to spend some time talking about what messages we got or didn’t get about money growing up and which of these things match our actual values now as adults and how might we, as a community, help one another live more fully into our values.  How might we be increasingly frugal so that we might become increasingly generous?

Just a few weeks after scheduling this retreat, Mark Scandrette’s new book arrived at my door step as though God herself hand delivered it.  Here’s the good news for me (and maybe for you too): I don’t have to come up with how to have this conversation, because Mark Scandrette has written a book about this exact thing which is chock full of insightful questions to ask and helpful things to try.

One thing I love and at the same time, kind of resent because it’s hard – is this book’s lumping together of spending time and spending money.  Just last week I was lamenting the time I spend on Facebook and realizing that I could still be up to date on FB and Twitter and spend about 70% less time on them.  Shit.  I hate that.

So grateful for this resource, for the totally practical ideas and the gentle invitation into hard questions that it offers us. Thanks Mark Scandrette. (i think)

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