how to win this painting

Win this ORIGINAL painting I completed this week!!! How?
1. Go to today’s post, “Why I Listen To Atheists” (
2. Post a comment (your name will be entered in the draw which closes Sunday night, August 20, 2006, at midnight Atlantic Time).
3. Wait for the announcement Monday morning, August 21, 2006, on who won.
4. Wait for your free original Hayward painting to arrive in the mail.

Contest Rules:
1. No matter how many comments you make, and you can make as many as you want, your name is entered only once.
2. If you are family or friend (or anyone else), you ARE allowed to enter and win.
3. I’m still permitted to edit or delete inappropriate comments.
4. If you’ve already made a comment on this post, you are already entered to win!

moon & evergreen

Evergreen Moon, watercolor, 3″x5″, worth $250.00 (unframed)

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  • jake

    I am starting to see a pattern in your paintings … hmm… I wonder what it is ….

  • Well, what do YOU think it is? If it is darkness, shadows, and nocturnal, then you’re right!

  • Julia

    …but what does it MEAN?