Original Song: I Cannot Live

This is a song I sang a long time ago in our church and decided it wasn’t appropriate for congregational singing. However, one member and a dear friend of mine loved it and continued to request it. She’s recently been diagnosed with Altzeimer’s and hasn’t been well for a while. I decided, in dedication to her, to spend time today laying down a really rough version of the song.
<br /> <a mce_href=”http://www.hipcast.com/export/P36cc86ca4f91210f2adc8b661078e6fcYl9/RFREYmN3.mp3″ rel=”enclosure” xhref=”http://www.hipcast.com/export/P36cc86ca4f91210f2adc8b661078e6fcYl9/RFREYmN3.mp3″>MP3 File</a></p><br />

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  • Colin

    Dear David,
    Thank you only begins to say what is felt in this house tonight. Linda is so aware of the love of her Lord delivered through a dear friend. And so are Joel and Colin. Your song is a Classic, even if no one else ever hears it.
    Now we know what a naked pastor looks like!

  • glad you like it, glad to do it…

  • Beautiful song, David. I love your new name and the new song feature. It brings a new dimension to your blog. The regularity and substance of your posts is something I look forward to, since I am not affiliated with any orthodox church, nor would I want to be; however, your transparency and openness continues to inspire me to want to be faithful to my committment to identify as a Christian, when there are so many reasons not to.

    This song is very poignant and I appreciate your sharing it with those of us who are not in your congregation. You also sing it with a passion and intensity that enhances and really brings home the message of the lyrics. It reminds me—re-brings vividly—an experience of Jesus and His Love.

  • thanks olivia

  • Julia Gulia

    Thanks, David, for the song. Haunting and beautifully poetic. Makes me want to surrender everything to God again.

  • don’t let me stop you!

  • deb

    Wow Dave!
    That’s beautiful!
    I don’t know about your decision that it’s not for Sunday mornings though.
    It really touched me, thanks.
    And thanks Linda for requesting it.