all the king’s men

i just finished watching the 2006 film, ALL THE KING’S MEN. i liked it. based on the 1946 pulitzer prize winning novel. very believable. it’s all about the corruption that power brings with it as Stark rises from a poor farm-boy to the governor of the state. but in my mind it’s not just about politicians, but anybody with influence over others. be warned! Penn, of course, is one heck of an actor. it is written from the view point of a journalist who has been hired by stark to be his “sweet-talker” (which means the art of persuasion). my wife’s from alabama and has family in louisianna, where all this takes place. why, i was just down there this last spring! the film does a pretty good job at capturing the mood of the south, with hits sweaty heat and southern drawl and the grit that takes place in professional relationships. it’s a long film, 140 minutes, and i wasn’t bored at all. the intrigue, political posturing, and corrupted charm of the south kept me!

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  • Yeah, I liked this movie a lot too. Talk about a tutorial on how to recognize political posturing and machiavellianism!! But I have to admit, it did make me into more of a conspiracy theorist and cynic than i already was…

  • This is one I am hoping to view in the not too distant future.

  • Sam

    I wasnt planning on watching this movie…until now!

    if you say its worth watching then i guess ill be going to see in the not too distant future.
    ill let you know what i think of it when ive seen it…hopefully it will live up to my expectations!