okay i’m frustrated

okay, yes, i’m frustrated with MYSELF!! i have so many interests. i want to blog about it. i started with www.davidhayward.ca. not quite it. wanted .com. switched to www.haywardart.com. not quite it, because i wanted it to be more than just about me. switched to churchpundit.com… okay for a while, but too many people were confused over the highbrow title. switched to nakedpastor.com… now people think it’s just about pastoring and ministry and church. blah! now i’ve started another blog, theartsblog, in hopes of expressing that side of my personality too. that’s just about art, which isn’t all of who i am. so now i’m frustrated again. no name is perfect. should i just blog about what i want to blog about on nakedpastor.com and just let the chips fall were they may? or what? i love pastoring. i love the church. i love art. i love music. i love philosophy. i love theology. i love writing. i love photography. i love movies and film. i love wine. i love tobacco. i love gq and other glossy mags. i love hollywood gossip. i love…. well… so many things and am interested in them and actually DO them. what do i do? abbey? sincerely, a confused whatever!

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • EXACTLY!!! I know the feeling of being interested in a lot of different things. Just do them! Don’t be limited by the blog names or expectations of others (and yourself) or the way things are usually done. It know it will always be hard to describe what exactly you do or exactly who you are, but form the blog and your creative environment and your definitions and words and visuals and job description and personal profile to you (not the other way around), and don’t worry about people misunderstanding or misreading or thinking it is something else or expecting something more or less, that will always happen and that very thing, in fact, proves to be the greatest opportunity to learn to communicate better and more clearly (at least for me). Just be Dave, but be the biggest and brightest and zaniest Dave you can be. That is the greatest gift you can give to this world and your greatest worship. The rest of it is only details and we will be working them out for the rest of our lives, so don’t sweat it…haha. Limitations are mostly in our heads. Freedom is in Jesus.

  • wow! that was cool. thanks matte! so, stick with nakedpastor.com?

  • Great wisdom Matte!!! My tongue-in-cheek suggestion for a blog is davidinclusive.com (“including the specified extremes or limits as well as the area between them”).

  • good name heidi… and it’s available too!

  • I actually do like that name. It’s all encompassing.

  • hannah

    no more changing blog names. it confuses me! Sounds like your a type 1 personality (so am I) we think more about if the “box” we are in, is really a box but rather a circle that we are standing outside of. When people come to this site, they are celebrating the life and mind of dave hayward. Getting a glimpse of the spirit that lives in the walls of that body. Live from that spirit. I delight in anything you write, whether it be about brittany spears, a comic, theology, happyness, disappointment, family, politics, art whether its controversial, pisses me off, makes me laugh, makes me think, convicts me, empowers me…..just let it flow!

  • wow hannah!

  • Chris

    I agree with matte!!! It doesn’t matter where you put it. Just put it somewhere and let us see it. Being yourself is what you have that everyone else seems to lack. davidinclusive.com……. now that says everything I need to know about you. Keep it up.

  • I think nakedpastor.com says all it needs to say. Your not JUST a pastor, there are soo many other things about yourself that make you who you are. Just because its Nakedpastor doesn’t mean you can only bare your pastoral soul, we want to know about ALL your interests and doings. Keep nakedpastor!!

  • Fred

    Isn’t a blog supposed to be, well…just everything?

  • Personally I like the nakedpastor.com name. I noticed it over on ProBlogger and it stood out.

  • Yes, anything with the word “naked” in it is going to catch your attention. Who wants to blend in with the crowd anyway??!

  • Julia

    I think davidinclusive is too general/bland…keep it punchy…like nakedpastor. That not only catches attention, it grabs it!

  • Jill

    Another vote for nakedpastor. If naked is to mean stripped down, the real you,…………..be the wholey ………….you.