When He is Strong, Then I Am Weak

I have a minute to fill you in a bit. We went away for the weekend to the regional pastors and leaders meeting. We stayed in a motel in Moncton. Since my city of Saint John doesn’t have a Chapters or a Starbucks, Lisa and I went early to enjoy these in Moncton. We spent about three hours there, shopping for good books while sipping our double tall lattés. Delicious both ways!

Then we got to our meetings. I’ve come up with a theory that I totally believe is true. Psychoanalysis and counseling itself does very little to cure someone. What studies have shown is that what helps people most is the relationship that develops with their therapist or counselor. I think on the pie-chart, less than 10% of the healing comes from the actual therapy. I believe it. It is being loved and cared for that actually helps people. I apply that to pastoral counseling too. I also apply that to church services. I totally believe services are like plays. The music, preaching, programs, offering, everything!, is just the stage upon which the actors, we, do our parts. I don’t get hung up with the stage or props, because that’s all they are. How we the actors relate is key. Same with regional meetings. It is the getting together which has any meaning. The actual business carries less than 10% of the value. That’s why I put about 10% of my effort into props.

Then, coming home, our teenagers provided some new challenges to Lisa and I. So I get up to teach this morning utterly spent, only having had about 3 hours fitful sleep, very little preparation time, and emotionally weak and vulnerable. Thank God the Spirit doesn’t mind our weakness, but revels in it.

But something interesting happened at church this morning that I would like to share with you tomorrow. I feel the message was one of the most important ones I’ve ever preached. Pivotal and central to what I’m about, as well as our church. Check in tomorrow.

The pic is taken from my friend, Jorgen Klausen’s photography.

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  • That theory rings true…so does the weak+Spirit=strong formula. Definitely keen to hear about the message you shared!

  • joni

    great… and I missed it. Had to cover in the toddlers (altho not sure why cause the person on stayed in and listened to your sermon LOL).. and the speakers don’t work. Look forward to reading your blog about it today.

  • joni

    oops forgot my comment to your blog in all my bitching there.. sorry.

    I completely agree.. looking back over my life and the present as well… it truly is relationship that makes the difference. You can talk to me til your blue in the face and analyze my crap… but if we are not in relationship.. it does very little in impacting my life.. and in bringing about change or healing. dang, I’m so thankful as my Pastor that you realize that!!

  • Don’t ya just love that about God. Looking forward to hear about it.

  • I was there, it was a piercing message in a sweet and simple sort of way. Relating to each other in the way you taught yesterday, well everything else hinges on that kind of love. In the muck of our lives, beautiful things can happen under those conditions.

  • Pam

    Sorry Joni I did mention that we could switch sundays with someone else in the toddler room..
    Darren had the girls by himself at church and his primary focus ontop of everything else was leading worship!!THAT IS WHAT HE FELT HIS RESPONSIBILITY WAS FOR STAYING..
    I am sorry you missed the service!!
    Maybe we could get the speakers working in the toddlers room FIXED…

  • joni

    Pam.. please forgive me for my comment.. it came from a place of huge frustration and anger where I find myself today.. the root of which has nothing to do with missing a sermon.

  • Hey Joni, I pray your frustration is swallowed up by encouragement, and that the anger is soothed. Hope your day turns around!!

    Pam, get better!

  • Jill

    ……………relationship with one another is often messy, learning to be real leaves me vulnerable, (cant tell you how often I want to retract a response to this blog even!) But the alternative is scarier still ! To live pristine…………God help us.

  • Chris

    hhhmmmm, lattes and books, my kind of afternoon, or morning, or evening!! 🙂