I Wonder If I’ve Lost the Wonder

I read this article, “Wonder and the Revitalization of Evangelical Theology” written by Glen Scorgie in Crux Magazine back in December of 1990. I don’t know if Glen would remember me, but he was a youth leader in a certain baptist church when I was one of the young people there. I remember one day he played “Little Country Church on the Edge of Town” by Chuck Girard’s group Love Song, and talked about a new way of being the church. It totally rattled my imagination. I started thinking differently about church back then. I wrote this quote in my journal because I thought it was important as I had just barely embarked on my journey as a pastor. I think this still holds true today. Lots of what I read is so terribly boring that I think many of us have lost the wonder. Here’s the quote:

Barth suggests rather severely that a theologian who has ceased to wonder should really pack it in, and find mundane work more suited to the dimensions of his heart and mind.

When I’ve lost the wonder, I’ll go back to making donuts. The picture is a wonderful creation of another artist friend of mine who has agreed to allow me to show her art on my site. Thanks Amaris !

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  • ttm

    This world has bludgeoned the wonder out of most of us. We need to see burning bushes and flames of fire. And we need to know that they are not just tricks created and performed by charlatans.

  • Then again, Moses saw the burning bush when he was just a shepherd. There might be wonder in the making of doughnuts that you would never encounter elsewhere. There is in the serving of coffee. Never underestimate the mundane.

  • Julia

    Little country church on the edge of town
    People come to Sunday school from miles around
    For meetin’s and for Sunday school

    And it’s very plain to see
    It’s not the way it used to be (oh no no)

    Love that song!
    Hey, when are we going to have that country, ho down, worship session??