tshirt idea: karl barth

This is a tshirt idea I’ve been working on. It is a black and white drawing I did, based on the last known photograph of Karl Barth in his study. He is probably my favorite theologian. You can purchase the tees with Barth’s image on it HERE.


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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • For those of us who would like to know a little more about Karl Barth (and why you admire him)…have you got a condensed version of his work and admirable qualities???

    …Not to put you on the spot…(and yeah, I’ll google him too!)
    Smiles to ya

  • Oh yeah…it is a great t-shirt idea too….I will be ordering a shirt and/or hoodie in the near future…I love the narrow way graphic!!!

  • Curious Presbyterian

    This drawing on the front and a quote from Barth on the back perhaps?

  • Do you know that one of his most famous quotes? When asked what his years of theological study and his prolific theological writing could be reduced to in one sentence, he responded, “Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so!” No joke.

  • I’ll buy one, though I don’t think I’d want a quote on the back.

  • Haha, that’s awesome. The design looks cool.

  • Ryan

    the real question here is have you actually smoked a pipe?

    drawing a theologian holding a pipe is one thing, trying it is another.

    it’s quite fun and relaxing.

  • yes i have. and i own several. and you are right. it is very relaxing. especially with a very good tobacco, good scotch, and a good friend.

  • hey… i am really looking forward to get a shirt!!!

  • Ryan

    I think I have instantly found a new friend. 🙂 Though, I can’t get scotch down straight.

  • Make that! I will buy one.

  • Curious Presbyterian

    I bet Ben Myers over at the Faith and Theology blog would have the perfect Barth quote, should you want one.

  • People might mistake him for the Colonel if you know what i mean – the 11 herbs and secretive spices guy.

  • I was jst looking at yout t-shirts – they are pretty awesome – I think i will buy some at the end of this month (by visa or whatever).

    For this one you should make the t-shirt with the guy in the pic and put under it:

    ‘got chicken?’

  • Any chance I can get this on a t-shirt/onesie for a baby? 18 months?