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I’ve had several requests for me to write a book on my z-theory (click on “z-theory” and it will take you to most of my posts on the idea).

I’m spending a great deal of time thinking about it and cautiously beginning to put stuff down. I am hoping it might be an important contribution to the theological discussion taking place these days. I believe it will provide a paradigm, a matrix, through which we may understand our reality and make sense of our spirituality, theology and religion within it.

One of the most important and practical components of the trinitarian construction of the z-theory is the third one. But first let me summarize:

We observe the waterfall from the bottom: the first is the top of the waterfalls that we cannot see but can only guess at, receive reports of, or accept revelations of… that which some call “God”. The second is the waterfall itself which we can see, gives clues as to the nature of the top of the falls, and which incarnates the unseen, making it manifest to our eyes and experience… that which some call “Jesus”. The third is the flood plain, the spreading of the water over the earth and all that is in it, connecting all within the All… that which some call the “Spirit”.

The third one is my concern lately because it is the most practical of the three. It is the application of the infinite Unseen manifesting itself incarnationally and finally covering and consuming everything in the plain. This means that there is no “spirit” out there, separate from us. It is in actuality our union together, our connectedness to each other and cooperation one with another. The union itself is actually the Spirit. The Spirit is actually the union. Our participation in this union through forgiveness, reconciliation and love for all is the manifestation of this union, our only appropriate posture before this reality.

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  • Rob

    It’s a good metaphor for thoughts we (my wife and I) have had recently.

    If the spirit is our connectedness and interactions, do you feel it includes the parts we don’t like also, besides reconciliation and love? (nevermind, I’ll read your past articles to try and find your opinion) The concept reminds me of Spinoza’s god. And Brahman.

    To me, “it” is basically nature- evolution and the impact between all the little moving parts in our world from microorganisms to human cultural. But I have a distinct sense of it as a whole also. For her, it’s maybe more…elemental.

    I have a great deal of unease that the word “revival” keeps springing to mind. I’m also not sure the thing I have in mind can be told without losing meaning, becoming codified and rigid all over again.

  • rob: i appreciate your comment. i feel we are digging in the same well. very difficult to articulate. i’m very influenced by quantum physics.

  • I would recommend to write the book, I would buy it for the read…I like the topic personally.

  • I like your Z Theory. It rings of what Luther’s teaching about the hidden/mysterious God (God the Father) and the revealed God (Jesus).

    You seem to split with him on where the third part, but I like where you’re going. I agree with Rob, sounds a lot like Brahman.

    I don’t know your theological background, but check out Luther if you haven’t already.

    Thanks for all your honest reflections.

  • 2 thoughts:

    1. You ought to have a way to link directly to this post for an explanation of the z-theory, because I had a hard time finding it among the many posts with this tag.

    2. If this Spirit is indeed part of us and our relationships with others, there can be no atheism. Not to say that no one can believe this way, just saying that according to your theory it would be impossible to dam up spirituality and keep it entirely out of one’s life.