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Some of the most fearless people I know are women. Against incredible odds and faced with unbelievably intimidating situations, they have dared to speak their minds, walk out of dysfunctional relationships, pursue their own spirituality and break the mold.

I hear from women daily who have taken a stand for themselves and are taking the heat. I encourage them as best I can, but humbly, because really they are encouraging me with their fearless courage.

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  • I have always asked myself why most of the fearless people I have known in church have been women. I can come up with an evolutionary, genetically based answer – don’t mess with their nest and where they want to raise their young.You mess with the gene pool and you are messing with them. Can’t figure out if this is sexist or not. But one way or another, they take what happens at church as critical to their lives and will take incredibly brave stands to preserve the good. I have seen a lot, and I mean a lot, of “whatever” Napoleon Dynamite men. So many that I just wonder sometimes. Around a lot of pastors who are making it in the war that is the church is a group of women storm troopers who know that the pastor is in a battle. It seems that Jesus had such around him,too, though only male apostles. It would be great to have women chime in on their explanation of why this phenomenon exists. I think I will blog a bit about it after reading your comments and looking at your art.

  • Sarah

    Thank you David.

    I walked out of an abusive marriage just over a year ago and have never been stronger.

    Blessed be.

  • Sarah

    Don – it’s not sexist, we would kill for our children.

  • Yes, and imagine what it is like to be a strong woman in the church! We are fed a constant subtle stream of the “doctrine of submission.” That’s why the irony of it all is that many strong women end up leaving church in order to just be themselves without being branded Jezebel, rebellious, etc.