a better atheism cartoon

Well, my cartoon this morning, “Bad Atheism”, provoked quite a discussion… evidence to me that no matter how good our intentions are or how earnestly we try to convey an idea, there’s always the risk of being misunderstood. Especially if you aren’t clear. (By the way there’s still time to post a comment and get a chance to win a free print of the cartoon!)

The cartoon above was posted over two years ago and perhaps is a better one, though with a different message.

I hope.

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  • This cartoon works on so many levels!

    I’m a big promoter of the idea that atheism and religion are just “two sides of the same coin” and I think this cartoon embodies that idea.

    On a deeper level, there a lot of people that believe God represents nothing, or the unmanifested potential from which our crazy world springs.

  • Aditya Pradipta

    John 3:3
    3 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

    and born again is not a ‘religious stuff’ it is a work of the Holy Spirit. it is supra natural work of God himself. not every believer can see !!

  • c.s. lewis in the screwtape letters suggests that the devil uses our man-made images of God to fixate on instead of the all encompassing soul of the universe, which is God, so that we place unjustified amounts of significance in those images or objects thus distracting us from the very essence of the Lord. *big breath* phew… anyways all that to say… its better we concentrate on God being Love than God being anything else! Great cartoon.

  • Beyond theism & atheism & their internecine quarreling. I belief Aditya makes the best sense of the issue. Jillien too, though the the notion God is Love carries the same Screwtape temptations as our images of God, seeing as we tend to think we know what love is–and hate to admit me might
    be clanging brass. Well, I hate to admit it, and bet I’m not the only one.

  • I do really like this one.

    I didn’t comment on the other one, but the only reason I disliked it (as an atheist) is because I found the cartoon didn’t make much sense to me, either on a “deeper message” level or on a humor level of any kind. I just didn’t “get it” and that’s pretty rare for me and your cartoons.

    But! That being said, I never had a single doubt in my mind that your intentions weren’t good. Silly people…

  • thanks Sendiulino. very kind words.

  • This cartoon is good but…is it because I’ve come to expect that all commentary from the atheist point of view is a sarcastic, vicious jab that I see it in that way? Maybe so. Still, it is interesting and thought-provoking.

    I am still on the fence myself but considering that all religion is a compilation of known good practices codified by the people who were in power at the time. Codified as religion to ensure that people follow the prescribed practices and beliefs. Because sometimes the law is not enough.

  • “very kind words” to Sendulino: a small green tomatoe? In all the commentary, theist or atheist, regarding churchiness and power and manipulation and bad pastors and hugs & jesus & such: any here to report on something like a “mystical” experience? Beyond politics and rationality? Possibly the fundamental basis for one’s religion (“bound back” to the source) and
    origin of what then gets institutionalized and
    reduced and nailed down….???

  • there you go again sam: telling people who share bad experiences that happen to them that they are playing victim or are “victimized”. in all the stories i don’t see that. you can’t seem to handle bad news. you shoot the messengers.

  • Is this egg or small green tomato I am fielding? Either way: always justifiable, slings and small arrows. How could it be otherwise, the massive suit of armor I wear–stomping around just asking for it? You’ve turned ITS up yourself, David: the persecution and agony anyone will receive (as some say) in “taking up the cross”–or putting on the armor. I don’t believe that action need be cast as wounded, vulnerable, victim, and it is not cast that way in scripture as far as I can tell. Makes a difference how one frames these bad news bearers. Don’t intend to shoot messengers, though it seems it’s the messengers that are cast as the bullies and bad-boys, manipulators and brain-washers in your cartoons: the very means any one gets through it to the freedom you salute, if one can get by & beyond the “means” and media–to the other side, so to speak.

  • Jan

    Belatedly, I applaud this cartoon!! It means a lot to me, even as I say I am a Christian.

  • thanks Jan! i appreciate it!