Jesus versus Easter Bunny

jesus versus the easter bunny

Silly picture! Jesus kills the Easter bunny with the stone from the tomb.

Not a pretty sight. Not a pretty site.

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  • Julia

    Hmm. Buff Jesus. That’s a first, I think. HAha.

  • David Higginbotham

    OK…you are just twisted…and I love it! :>)

  • That is hilarious!! Superb. Poor little bunny!
    Sometimes I worry about you, until I see drawings like this, then I know you are doing just fine!! 🙂

    I should have used one of your drawings in my recent post on “Who is your Bible Jesus”?.

    I would have to decide if your Jesuses are Fabricated or Fictionalize (see the post). Only occasionally do I see you drawing “Close Enough” Jesuses.

  • haha. interesting.

  • Jesus always wins! May you have a blessed Easter, David!

  • Another dream? Oh, no, which one is “true”? One truth, many paths. Maybe it is the Easter bunny who died for us. There are certain similarities to the picture a couple ones ago. It must be a Jungian archetype… Oh, I am letting my mind range too freely. I should get back to the Bach passions my husband is painting baseboard to.

    Actually, what I was really thinking about, and talking to my husband about on our splendid, little spring walk featuring snow and mud and Canada geese in the marsh, at this time if year… if Krishna can just materialize how it wants at a whim, but Dawkins has no use for religion to go with science, but Stephen Gould has the Non-overlapping magisteria,… what does it mean that Judeo-Christianity has God walking in the garden, blowing breath into people, being incarnated in a womb, eating, sleeping, bleeding, dying–rising bodily? What does this say? (My husband wasn’t much into helping me with this question, unfortunately).

    Well, it says for one thing that the body is good and this gets rid of a false dualism. The whole idea of renunciation gets truncated to some extent, while, of course, we are not to be selfish gluttons. — You are free to rejoice in all the good gifts God has given you. It also puts God in you, as in the breath and spirit, but also separate from you. He is something much more, but he also not far off. And having suffered he also knows your suffering. There is no despising or abandoning those who suffer. When he dies for sins, it is a monumental event in real time and space, not metaphorical. When he rises at Easter, it is not some lovely, mystical story, or a re-incarnation of a soul, or a merging or extinction of a soul into the cosmos, it is supposed to be the resurrection of the body, a real body.

    It is hard to believe; we have never seen it. We are completely thrown upon the report of the witnesses, who claim to have been there in real time. Real blood for real sinners by a real God in real time, in real space, risen to save real people with real bodies. ???

    Back to the potatoes.

  • Sarah

    Yes Brigitte!

    I feel it in my body.

    I know it’s true.


    Sarah x

  • Cage Fighting Jesus strikes again!