the mind and spiritual growth

no one is willing to change their mind

Spiritual transformation is very difficult.

The mind is a very complex organ, bent on its own self-preservation, security and comfort. The brain’s primary purpose is to protect the organism. Once we see this to be true, then many other things make sense.

  1. For instance, the brain is an expert tweaker. We can see self-protection occurring in religion and spiritual growth. Often, what we think is spiritual growth is actually a slight modification of the thoughts already present.
  2. But the brain is also a great illusionist. It can be busy tweaking, adjusting and modifying, all the while convincing itself that it is actually changing, that it is actually being transformed. The brain gets some delight in thinking it is on the radical edge while holding the moderate middle.
  3. However, the brain has the amazing ability to be transformed. It has the profound capacity to come into something totally new and full of benediction. We can experience a deep peace when the mind is free from the past and disordered thought.

Much of religion and spirituality is employed in the service of keeping our minds busy modifying their thoughts to conform to the set standard. They are also very busy engaging our minds in believing that they are growing and making progress.

This is why spiritual transformation is very difficult.

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  • So much food for thought for this brain, David. Great cartoon and excellent observation shared here.

  • For the Christian, spiritual transformation is easy. It’s easy because Christ is doing the work…often in spite of our lack of cooperation.

  • Helen

    So, Steve Martin, are you saying that Christ overrides our free will?

  • This is one of my favorite cartoons of yours. It suits politics as well as it suits religion.

  • Gary

    And yet Steve…I have seen Christians mired in the muck of prejudice, bigotry, pride, lack of compassion, legalism, etc. I guess someone forgot to tell them how easy this spiritual transformation really was.

  • There is nothing scarier than a mind locked with absolute certainity.

  • the preacher lady

    Retraining the mind is no easy thing…for the past 9 months I’ve been rehabbing from a stroke (that’s why I haven’t been around)…this type of rehabbing actually builds new pathways in the brain…for something to be permanent and part of our wiring takes a lot more than just adopting a new thought…it takes ingraining the new thought into the core of our beings …