the delicacy of change

butterfly photo by nakedpastor david hayward

Lisa and I went to a butterfly house yesterday. This is always a profound experience for me, symbolizing in such beauty the intricacy and delicacy of change.

It took me over an hour to finally get a shot of this butterfly. I found it impossible to get a shot of it in flight. And when they rest, their wings are folded and they are a plain brown color. To get them resting with their wings open is rare. So I just followed them around until I finally got this amazing photo. Look at the beauty! The color is almost electric. It is full of the vibrancy of life!

Change is most difficult. It is like a dying and rising. And like I said before, it’s not like you can orchestrate it yourself. You can poise yourself, position yourself, for change. For transformation. Because… and this is always difficult to articulate… when it comes to dying to self, who is it that puts you to death? You can’t, because the you that would put you to death is still you. Somehow, there is an inexplicable power that does the final deed. Like resurrection, you wake up on the other side of transformation. Once you’ve experienced this, you understand the difficulty of articulating it. But you will never forget it because your life is changed forever. You are not the same person. Like the wings of this beautiful butterfly, somehow a light shines through you to inspire others to poise themselves for change.

This is why we love Sophia. She has drummed up the courage out of sheer necessity to be transformed. And she is. She is changing. It is amazing to witness. Isn’t it?

We have a winner from yesterdays’s Freebie Friday Sophia “metamorphosis” print. Congratulations Joyce! Contact me with your mailing address please.

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  • Nice pic!
    You said:

    Somehow, there is an inexplicable power that does the final deed.

    I think the reason it is “inexplicable” is because we are not control of our minds, nor can we be. But I don’t think it is valuable to like of the “power” as an outside power, and the change (our “transformation”) is not necessarily benign. We all know lots of people (and perhaps even ourselves) who have had inexplicable changes that we can clearly see is not for the better.

  • please change “like of the power” to “think of the power” — sorry

  • Oh, this photo is stunning! Your reflections make me well up. This is what I’ve been experiencing in my own way for the past 7 months, death and resurrection, some deeper healing I asked for and then so much more than I ever expected. It has hurt like hell…it has birthed great joy as well and the crazy, freaky, wonderful thing is…there’s more. Thank you.

  • Mark D H

    I know the feeling of trying to catch butterflies for pictures. you want to be able to share such beauty but the patience and missed shots are so frustrating but the end result is usually worth it. and what happened to the red x on the laptop you are supposed to be on vaction.

  • There is no death without life
    There is no life without death

    You do not prepare to die
    You prepare to transform

    Death is not about ending anything
    Death is about letting go and going on

    Death is not about width height depth duration
    Death is beyond dimensions

    Death is not about here there location
    Death is about new conciousness
    Death is about new existence

    We are more than one
    We are more than life and death
    We are more than finite
    We are more than infinite
    We are more
    We are
    I am

  • Crystal ( the original )

    Oh, how this touched me today. I’m in the process of considering moving with my son to a small lakeside town so he can hopefully be transformed. He’s been in the dry, dead, chrysalis stage for far too long. He hates the city. Too many bad memories. He can’t seem to break free living here. I don’t quite know why, but there is nothing for him here. I’m at the point that if I have to lose him, I’d rather lose him in a place that brings him some peace, however small, than lose him in this city that has brought him nothing but pain. Please pray for me because I don’t know what else to do.

  • Crystal:

    First, find a church that loves, not accuses.

  • Kathy

    Wonderful. You oftenuse just the right words to express what I feel. Thanks very much for your work posted so we can c it. Love Kathy

  • Darlene Kelly

    Beautiful photo! I have been a christian for over 37 years, (taking in man-made doctrines, customs, traditions, rules and regulations) but have just entered into the transformation stage for the past 7 years. It hasn’t been easy, but I am loving the “butterfly” I am becoming in Christ.

  • That is a blue morpho butterfly. It’s my favorite animal, for the reasons it was so difficult for you to get a shot– so drab on the outside, so beautiful on the inside. Butterflies have always been symbolic of recovery and new life, but this one is especially meaningful to me. 🙂

  • In Hinduism and Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of transformation: a beautiful flower emerges from muddy water to blossom into sun light.

    A shot I’d love to see is the Butterfly in a lotus blossom. Think how much canoeing you’d have to do for that, David.